REVIEW: Major Kong’s “Orogenesis”

Photobucket Major Kong released the 4-song EP for Orogenesis about three months ago, but came to my attention only recently. Fans of sludge/stoner metal will love this Polish band’s deep love of grinding riffs, as if they consumed some mushrooms after having the first section of Black Sabbath‘s “Sweet Leaf” and never hearing anything else. They bathe each song in distortion and feedback, but never allow themselves to get carried away with it. This is not about noise, but rather being organized in reaching those low-end dirges that makes this kind of music sound so great. They also do it without lyrics. Listeners who crave lyrics/words may wonder what these songs would sound like with story lines, and I think it would be cool but I like it as is. I enjoy the limitations of a 4-song EP, but am more curious to know if they’ll record albums (I’m sure they will) or choose to go down the EP route. Whatever the combination, I’m all ears.