REVIEW: Renée Yoxon & Mark Ferguson’s “Here We Go Again”

It has been a few years since I last heard from Renée Yoxon, but she has returned, this time with a new collaborator (Mark Ferguson), and if there is a way to re-introduce yourself once more, she has done it with her appropriately titled Here We Go Again (self-released).

While her previous effort was more pop and jazz, she and Ferguson are bringing in folk influences to help bring her music to not only wider audiences, but perhaps to bring her stories to greater awareness, as these songs touch on the struggle of walking on the road called life. In songs like “There’s Only You”, Have We Been In Love Before?” and the passionate “Drinking Coffee”, you hear someone who sings from personal experience, as if each song is a small note meant to be ripper and put up on the wall before its adhesiveness fades and becomes another not-so-distant memory:
So I go on trying to hide all these feelings
And I go on trying to hide all this pain
But even though you’re right across the table from me, darling
I could wail and I could shout
I could let myself cry out
You’d go on drinking coffee and never ask me to explain

What I also enjoyed about this album is how tracks can move on from being smoky jazz club gems to country honky tonk sob fests, and all of it feels right and… I was going to say automatic but I think the term “natural” would be appropriate. Yoxon may subscribe to a few genres but her loyalties are open, and Here We Go Again is sure to make new fans to “again? You mean there was more before this?” Ferguson’s piano work adds its own level of strength throughout the album, especially in the title track, and together they make a unique team that I hope will consider making another album or two in the near future.