VIDEO: Martin Del Carpio’s “Kill Your Beauty”

Martin Del Carpio hasn’t made anything new in awhile, or at least he hasn’t released any of his latest projects but we’re here a few months before the end of 2015 and he unleashes a new one called “Kill Your Beauty”. It may sound like he’s entering a new era or phase of his music but concentrate on it, then decide.

VIDEO: Martin Del Carpio’s “The Last Idol”

The video for Martin Del Carpio’s “The Last Idol” looks like there’s a bit more involvement than his previous videos, and that’s a good song. Released two years ago, the song is from his Godard album and now people can get a chance to see how he depicts it in vision. It looks like it could be a part of another visual piece too.


AUDIO: Martin Del Carpio’s “Anon (DJ Afro’s Afrodisiac Remix)”
Last year, Martin Del Carpio released a song called “Anon”, which he turned into a video. A year later, he was able to get it remixed by DJ Afro. If you know the name, you’ll know that DJ Afro is a member of the great band Los Amigos Invisibles. Find out what he did with it by playing the song over at Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Martin Del Carpio’s “Politian”

A new video by Martin Del Carpio has been made for the song “Politian”, and he says this is the best video he has made so far, so have a listen to this intense track and see how the visuals unfold.

VIDEO: Martin Del Carpio’s “False Idols”

Martin Del Carpio created a number of videos this year, and he is ending the year on a somewhat steamy note and I must add a bit of a WARNING: some of the imagery may be considered explicit for some viewers. Discretion is advised.

The video for “False Idols” does not show any nudity but one could call the re-interpretation of The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers to be somewhat suggestive. If you don’t mind a bit of steaminess, backed by a nice dance and electronic backdrop, then take it in. If the song triggers your emotions, you may download it for free below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO/FREE DL: Martin Del Carpio’s “Adam”

It may be his last video of 2013 but it’s not the last we’ve heard from Martin Del Carpio. As he prepares for new music in 2014, he has created a video for the song “Adam”. If you like what you hear, you may download that track for free.

VIDEO/FREE DL: Martin Del Carpio’s “Savage Garden”

Martin Del Carpio has been quite active in the visual department in the last few months and this time around, he has created a clip for a spoken word piece called “Savage Garden”. It’s taken from his Tropic Of Capricorn: An EP EP, my review of which can be read by cllcking here.