VIDEO: Mateo’s “We Found Love”

Can any song by Rihanna be improved? Let’s be honest, Rihanna doesn’t exactly have the best voice in music today, nor are her songs anything special, but when you get someone who knows how to play it as if they made it themselves, it can be said that it puts the original to shame. It also puts Rihanna to shame, a plus.

Be on the lookout for Mateo in 2012.

SOME STUFFS: Mateo gets coolio by “Saying It’s So”

This is Mateo and for now the name and his music is unknown to you and most others. You can change this. How? Reading this is the first step, now make the second if you wish.

His bio states Mateo is from “heaven” and comes courtesy of a gift from there, which is complete B.S. This is a nice way of saying that he has talent, and he is worthy of attention, but is he? Decide for yourself. His true roots reside in Ohio, and his grandparents were deep music lovers as well, with his grandfather being a session musician for King Records, known as James Brown‘s stomping grounds. That passion for music has moved through the generations, but Mateo wants to be known for his own thing, and it is that “thing” that helped him get attention by Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, who helped Alicia Keys get to the position she’s at today. Now, Mateo is about to present his style of music for this and the next generation with his music, beginning with his collabration with Miss Keys, “Say It’s So”. Does it work? Listen to it for yourself. Say Its So featuring Alicia Keys by MateoMusic

His bio says he’s destined to be a “living legend”, but don’t get too big-headed right now. That sets you and anyone else for failure, but at least give him a chance and hear if he has what it takes to make it to “I want to hear more” status.