AUDIO: Pelican’s “The Cliff”

Pelican photo Pelican_old_zps655a8c75.jpg
Pelican will be back with a new EP before the end of the month called The Cliff (Southern Lord) and to make it interesting, Justin Broadrick of Godflesh remixed the title track, which you may listen to by clicking here.

SOME STUFFS: Sprïng devote winter to a west coast tour

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When I hear “East Vancouver”, I’m thinking “the Washington State town next to Camas, or up in British Columbia?” For the guys in Sprïng, East Vancouver refers to Canada, and they’ll be coming down into the U.S. for a brief tour in January in support of their album Celebrations. They’ll be up and down the West Coast with a quick visit into Arizona, all of this happening in January:

January 16, 2015… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge)
January 17, 2015… Olympia, WA (The Midnight Sun))
January 19, 2015… Oakland, CA (Nightlight)
January 20, 2015… Los Angeles, CA (TBA)
January 22, 2015… Phoenix, AZ (Trunk Space)
January 23, 2015… Tuscon, AZ (Surly Wench)
January 24, 2015… Los Angeles, CA (Perhspace)
January 25, 2015… Santa Barbara, CA (Fun Zone)
January 26, 2015… San Francisco, CA (The Make Out Room)
January 28, 2015… Sacramento, CA (Naked Lounge)
January 29, 2015… Eugene, OR (Bubba’s)
January 30, 2015… Portland, OR (Habesha)

The group have made a video for the song “Levvee”, so here it is.

VIDEO: Cloudkicker’s “Push It Way Up”

It may be nothing but a performance video, but what Cloudkicker do in order to create the music for it is mindblowing, or at least what they supply will make you go “oooooooh”. It’s for their song “Push It Way Up” and after hearing it, you will definitely want to go up in it, if not deeper, and stay there. Their Live With Intronaut album will be out on November 24th, vinyk pressing will be available in mid-December.


SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles to head in Canada next month

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Russian Circles are doing shows to promote an album released last fall called Memorial (Sargent House) because it’s damn good, and they feel people need to hear and/or no more. After performing in Ireland and England at the end of the month, they’ll be back in North America for a batch of Canadian shows, which will team The Atlas Moth with them. Head out if you can:

August 11… Chicago, IL (Millennium Park) (FREE Music Series)
August 27… Dublin, IE (Sargent House Label Show @ Button Factory)
August 29… Bristol, UK (ArcTangent Festival)
September 13… London, ON (Rum Runner Room (London Music Hall)) #
September 14… Montreal, QC (Cabaret Mile End) #
September 15… Toronto, ON (Lee’s Place) #
September 18… Winnipeg, MB (Pyramid) #
September 20… Calgary, AB (Palomino) #
September 22… Vancouver, BC (Rickshaw Stop) #
September 24… Edmonton, AB (Pawn Shop) #
September 26… Minneapolis, MN (New Music Festival @ Skyway Theater) **#
September 28… Dallas, TX (Index Festival)

** w/ Deafheaven
# w/ The Atlas Moth

RECORD CRACK: A look at the new vinyl reissue of Mastodon’s “Leviathan”

Originally released in 2004, Mastodon’s Leviathan will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new vinyl pressing. Not only that, but there will be three different pressings to choose from including:

  • red (or what’s being called “oxblood red”
  • tri-color (red/gold/blue mix)
  • gold/bone white merge

    The tri-color pressing will be available exclusively through mail order.

    On top of that, there will also be a new Mastodon compilation LP gathering together essential early material. All of these goods can be seen through the video above.

  • AUDIO: Confluence’s “The Only Thing Constant”

    Confluence may be called “math rock” on the surface, but going through the tempos and musical equations is only a part of what this Denver band does and can do, as you can hear by their newly released single titled “The Only Thing Constant”.

    The band are on tour in the west, if you are in these cities, check them out.

    March 20… Billings, MT (Railyard Ale House)
    March 21… Bozeman, MT (Zebra Cocktail Lounge)
    March 22… Spokane, WA (Jones Radiator)
    March 23… Boise, ID (Treefort Festival 2014 (Tom Grainey’s))
    March 24… Portland, OR (Habesha Lounge)
    March 26… San Francisco, CA (Hotel Utah)
    March 27… Sacramento, CA (Luigi’s Fun Garden)

    SOME STUFFS: 65daysofstatic to release 10th anniversary deluxe reissue of debut album

     photo 65Days_old_zpsded08074.jpg
    It is hard to believe that The Fall Of Math has been out for 10 years, but 65daysofstatic know about it and they’re celebrating it with a new deluxe edition of that album. The 2CD pressing will feature the original album plus the Hole EP and a number of B-sides. 1000 records will be pressed up, all on 180gm black vinyl and will come with a download coupon for the Hole EP and Retreat! Retreat! B-sides and video, and a CD copy of the album in a printed card wallet. Hot stuff. You can pre-order the vinyl or CD pressings of the deluxe by clicking here.

    The band have a number of European shows on the way, and with next week’s show in London already sold out, you may want to listen/watch for any concert giveaways if you want a chance to see them

    March 27… London, UK (Koko) (sold out)
    April 15… Paris, FR (La Maroquinerie)
    April 16… Berlin, DE (C-Club)
    April 17… Brussels, BE (Ancienne Belgique)
    April 18… Utrecht, NL (Tivoli)

    VIDEO: Confluence’s “Awaiting”

    Math rockers Confluence… okay, the first part of this sentences comes off like bullshit, doesn’t it? Yes, Confluence rock and are rockers. But are they “math rockers”? That sounds like some dumb shit moves right there, and that people who listen to “math rockers” are part of the math rock movement. I’d like to think there will not be a movement, but rather a continuation of bands who like to get mathematical with their music, such as Confluence, who are about to release a series of singles throughout 2014 and have touring plans as well. One of those singles is for the song “Awaiting”, the video of which you can watch above.

    As for those touring plans, dates have not been announced but the tour will be during the spring.

    FREE MP3 DL: Confluence’s “Awaiting”

     photo Confluence_old_zps5470ea53.jpg
    Denver has a number of things going for them. Outside of being within the state with positive marijuana laws, they are also the home of math rockers Confluence, but does the tag “math rockers” sound corny? Perhaps it does, but if it’s a lure that helps to welcome you into their fold and let you know what they may sound like, then the tag works before you toss it out and call them whatever is comfortable for you. Rather than bombard you with sounds, they’re going to offer tracks one by one. Confluence are taking the singles path, beginning with “Awaiting”, which you may stream or download below.

    The group have a bit more recording to do but are planning on hitting the road during the spring.