VIDEO: maticulous featuring Your Old Droog’s “Stellar Intro”

You heard of Your Old Droog? If not, then I am sure you’ve heard of Maticulous. Good, as he has done a song with Your Old Droog that they’ve turned into a video, so check out “Steller Intro”. Yes, that means a video has been made for an intro, which is not a bad thing to do. Oh wait, you haven’t heard of Maticulous? Then it’s a good time to introduce yourself to him and what he’s about. The song can be found on The maticulous LP, released today.


AUDIO: Maticulous featuring Masta Ace & Blu’s “Bet Your Life”

His name is not Matthew Ticulous but it is Maticulous and his new track “Bet Your Life” features Masta Ace and Blu. The song will appear on Maticulous’ album due out on July 14th, just around the corner which means next week so hear what you do not have to fear and shed a tear for the goodness.

SOME STUFFS: Maticulous releases new album
Released today, Mello 2 is said to be Maticulous’ follow up to his Mello Instros project from three years ago, and this one features new songs, new beats, and new rhymes for everyone to hear. Guests vocals include that of by yU (Diamond District), The Audible Doctor, Naf Keen, and more. DJ Brace handles some DJ work in “Keep On 2.0”. The entire project was mixed by The Audible Doctor, and you can stream it in full before making a purchase.

FREE MP3 DL: Audimatic’s “The Manual EP”

 photo AudimaticEP_cover_zps0fc4fa84.jpg
You know of The Audible Doctor, right? Perhaps you also know of maticulous. They are Audimatic, and this week they released The Manual EP, and you can download it for free. There’s a lot of protein on these bones, so consume the sounds accordingly and get your fill.

FREE MP3 DL: Audimatic’s “Closer”

Audimatic photo Audimatic_cover_zpsb700bf6c.jpg
Released today is a new project between The Audible Doctor & maticulous, and together they call themselves Audimatic. The song is called “Closer”, and I am hopeful much more will be coming from this collaboration.

FREE MP3 DL: Audimatic’s “Tuna Fish Rap”

Hip-hop, to me, is about the realness, or what feels real and good to me. I’d like to think if I passeed this song to the next man or woman that is a disciple of hip-hop, they would understand it as soon as the first note or beat is heard. This is that song. The Audible Doctor and maticulous join together as Audimatic, and “Tuna Fish Rap” is how they’re serving things: nice, tight, and right.

VIDEO: Audimatic’s “Broken Cup”

Audimatic may not be known to you, but you may be familiar with who it consists of: The Audible Doctor and maticulous. Together, they have created a “Broken Cup”, and you might be asking “couldn’t they just fix a cup and serve it up proper?” Well by golly no, what fun would that be. The song will be on The Maticulous EP, which will be released on vinyl and some other trendy digital format. You may pre-order both by ordering from by clicking the links below.