REVIEW: Matteo Tundo’s “Zero Brane”

Matteo Tundo photo MatteoTundo_cover_zps8b5kpmqw.jpg The music on Matteo Tundo’s Zero Brane (Aut) isn’t what I would call free jazz but it could easily be called free form, if not leading to free form tendencies. Someone who is more in tune will say “this isn’t exactly free form” but let me explain before I started getting into a self-debate over what this music is.

Tundo is the guitarist within the band that features not only a traditional jazz group (whatever “traditional” may mean to you) but there’s also an occasional electronic vibe to it to, or at least someone named Alessio Riccio is credited with just “electronics”. He may be the Brian Eno of the function for all I know but while some of the music played on the album is free form, where things aren’t always as predictable as you want to assume, there is form and structure in each song. It’s not loose or an anything goes adventure but what Tundo and friends do is pull you into their scope and try to lure you with each movement, enhancement, and sound to make you stay on for their voyage. Traditional jazz this is not although that traditional side does pop up occasionally. It is an interesting listen but one that will make you want to hear this continuously and hear new things with each play.

(Zero Brane can be purchased from by clicking the cover below or through the Bandcamp player at the bottom.)