REVIEW: Charlie Apicella & Iron City’s “The Business”

Photobucket The term “the business” can meant everything from taking care of one’s business with a lot of effort, to the effort of giving someone a middle finger. Charlie Apicella & Iron City are back in business with a new album called The Business (CArlo Music), and when they get into the studio to play and create music, step off.

Their style of jazz is funky, blunt, and sometimes very laid back. If they want to get into lounge mode, they can and will (“64 Cadillac”). If they want to touch on their inner Lou Donaldson or Soulive, they can beat anyone to the punch just like that (the title track which opens the album). Want a bit of tropicalia or sensual balladry, these guys (Apicella on guitar, Dave Mattock on organ and Alan Korzin on drums, along wit Stephey Riley (tenor sax) and Mayra Casales (congas & percussionist) helping them out) are capable of doing it and making the listener wish they were in their presence, or doing it with them. In other words, doing “the business” within The Business, and producer Dave Stryker (a guitarist and recording artist in his own right) does everything properly to make it sound brilliant. It’s a well produced album that doesn’t sound like a rough demo or a group who paid budget rates to record these songs. Their previous albums were quite good, and this new one measures up to what they’ve done before. The Business? Hell yeah.