AUDIO: MED & Blu & Madlib featuring Phonte & Likewise’s “Finer Things”

MED & Blu worked with Sir Madlib on an album project called Bad Neighbor and they’d like to share a track from it. This is called “Finer Things” and I want you to take a listen, so please enjoy.

Now you’re probably saying “wait a minute: I see names in the subject line, I’m not going anywhere until you mention it somewhere in this description” so I will. The main main known as Phonte Coleman is a part of this song, along with Likewise. If it has Phonte, that immediately means this song is a trademark of quality and c’mon, Madlib? Now have a listen, don’t hesitate.

SOME STUFFS: MED releases outtakes from 2011 album produced by Madlib

 photo MED_old_zps1a9fd4a0.jpg
For whatever reason, when MED worked on these songs with Madlib for an album, they were not used. MED has them in his possession and he decided to release them for all to hear. These are the songs you’ll hear below:
1) Open Your Eyes
2) Sleeper Bag (featuring Oh-No)
3) Privacy (featuring Steve Arrington)
4) Mirror Talk (featuring Pok)
5) Hold U (featuring Aloe Blacc)
6) Thee Amazing (featuring Mellow D)
7) Same Shit

You have MED doing his best, and with Madlib… you all know how I feel about Madlib. If you love the Classic album, this is what you weren’t able to hear until now.

FREE MP3 DL: Axel F. featuring Oh No’s “All Day”

 photo AxelF_cover_zps70d9f9da.jpg
Last week, Axel F. offered a performance video of “Sofa Coins“. This week, J. Rocc and MED get into a not-heated exchange with Oh No for something called “All Day”, which is something they like to play. Yeah yeah!

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: Axel F. featuring Balance & The Traveling Sounds’ “Sofa Coins (Live)”

When Beat Junkies DJ J-Rocc and rapper MED collaborated and got involved for a live video performance, Rocc casually did his DJ thing and the highlight of the video is when he gives up a casual peace sign, as if to say “friends, it’s nothing but a thing, let’s rock this.”
 photo AxelF_old_zps6a668fac.jpg
That’s exactly what Rocc and MED, as Axel F, did while hooking up with the group Balance & The Traveling Sounds (BTS for short) at a Burbank, California record store called Backside Records. A recording and video crew went there specifically to archive the event, and this is what happened. The song is now on Axel F.’s Sofa Set EP, and you may watch the video and download the MP3 (while supplies last) as well.

FREE DL: 14KT featuring Black Milk & MED’s “Crown”

 photo 14KTC_cover_zpsdc5e3fe1.jpg
As 14KT prepares to release the all-instrumental Nickel & Dimed, the album will also be released with a bonus EP with vocal versions of some of the tracks, one of which is called “Crown”, featuring MED and Black Milk.

AUDIO: Create & Devastate featuring Wildchild & MED’s “Most Confident”

Create & Devastate photo CreateDeva_cover_zps94f9e507.jpg
Most Confident (Elite Fleet/Coalmine) is a new EP by Create & Devastate due out on May 21st. The Swedish duo have tapped into getting some nice talent for their release, including for the title track: MED and Wildchild. C’mon, tell me that’s not going to be the hotness right there.

VIDEO: Med, Blu and Madlib featuring Jimetta Rose’s “Burgundy Whip”

This video may look like the perfect welcoming in for spring, but when you live in California, this can often be an everyday experience: your convertible top down, hanging out at corner stores, and people looking in a trunk of a car only for them to run to you because they need a ride back home, or money. This is what Med and Blu did with Madlib, and when they bring in Jimetta Rose to handle background vocals, it reaches a level of excellence that I like, if not prefer. Word to Reseda.

The song is taken from their EP on Bang Ya Head called The Burgundy.

REVIEW: Oh No’s “Ohnomite”

Photobucket For some people, when they listen to the tracks on the 21-track album Ohnomite (Five Day Weekend/Brick), they might want to call it this type of hip-hop or that type of hip-hop, balancing on the thin line between opinions of the greatest and the elitist. I’ll tell you what I think: this is hip-hop. Period.

Being “of the hip-hop spirit” runs in the family, and when you hear this, you’ll understand. Ohnomite may be celebrated for a few things: the amount of different MC’s and producer collaborators that help out Oh No on this, although the one thing that is constant is his own production, for he is in control of this entire album. His rhymes go anywhere and everywhere, crazy and abstract when it can be but distinct and direct when it matters, everything carefully written/choreographed like a surprise football play.

Musically, this shows the strength, power, and influence of underground hip-hop, which for me has always been major and at times better than what is pushed as mainstream music, thus the spirit Oh No has. This is why Frank Nitt (of Frank-N-Dank), MF DOOM, Phife, The Alchemist, Chino XL, Med ,Guilty Simpson, Sticky Fingaz, Phil The Agony, Rapper Big Pooh, and Erick Sermon among others are all on here: there’s a vibe here that is unspoken but is heard in each of these tracks: go for what you know, go for broke, and don’t give a fuck.

Being the younger brother of Madlib, being spontaneous and making music that sounds like a trippy collage of anything and everything (i.e. random scatterbrain funkiness) seems to be part of the family DNA. Yet you enter Ohnomite not to follow a distinct storyline or concept, but being confident in the mission about to take place and putting face in Oh No, knowing that you will be in one piece at its conclusion. Once again, this is not a specific type or style of hip-hop. For me, this is hip-hop. You’re welcome.


The Sounds of VTech / VTech: Bang Ya Head III Mixtape   

Are you a fan of Med? He has a new mix tape out now that you can have for free, mixed by Mixed by DJ Romes of The Lootpack, with a nice mixture that you are sure to enjoy. Here’s the track listing:
1) Intro -prod by JRocc
2) Advice – LMD prod by Madlib
3)Misunderstood –MED prod by Madlib
4) Candlelight –MED feat/prod by Georgia Anne Muldrow
4) 50,000 Watts –MED prod by Soul Professa
5) Salute – J Rocc/MED feat WildChild & Baby Boogalu
6) Fall Back – Fred feat Med/Pok prod by FRED
7) R.E.M –Epsilon Project Feat MED prod by Oddisee
8 ) West Iz Back –MED prod by Khalil
9) Saga Cont. –Babu feat MED prod by Babu
10) O.U.T –Matt feat MED prod by MED
11) Listen –Descry feat MED prod by Descry
12) Outro Prod by JRocc feat Daru Jones on the drums

Now go listen. Go.