VIDEO: Mega Ran’s “Laughin’ At Ya”

Some might say if you see how Mega Ran conducts his way of making music, you might laugh at him but with his new song, he says he is “Laughin’ At Ya”. In truth, he wants for you to laugh along with him, not at him so if you need a second opinion, watch this new video and perhaps you’ll change his mind for the better. The video was nicely done by director Jaron Ikner.

VIDEO: Mega Ran’s “Your Favorite Song”

What is rapper Mega Ran’s favorite song? It may not be his new song called “Your Favorite Song” but the new song may very well become your favorite song. The song will be a part of his forthcoming album called RNDM (“random”) due out in mid-September. If you pre-order it and are one of the first 999 people to do so, you will also get the Mighty No. 9 soundtrack. No harm in that.

VIDEO: Mega Ran & Storyville’s “Artillery”

The mega man known as the Mega Ran has a new video for a song he did with Storyville but is it a storyville? Indeed, you already know how these two do (or should) but if you do not, have a look at “Artillery”. The song is from their album
Soul Veggies
(Brick) and if you haven’t had time to listen to it or to get a copy, please do.

Need something else to do? Check them both out on the Rappers With Arm Cannons Tour that will also bring in Sammus along for the ride, which will lead them down to Austin, Texas next week for a bit of SXSW and ,opre.

March 8… Syracuse, NY (Singers)
March 9… Watertown, NY (Flashback Lounge)
March 10… Ithaca, NY (Cornell University)
March 11… Yellow Springs, OH (Super Fly Comics and Games)
March 12… Cincinnati, OH (Maddies)
March 13-14… Covington, KY (A&G Con)
March 15… Fayetteville, AR (Smoke and Barrel)
March 16… Austin, TX (Nerd Carnival @ Cenote)
March 17… Austin, TX (Official SXSW Showcase, Flamingo Cantina)
March 18… Austin, TX (Uglyfest)
March 19… Austin, TX (Scratched Vinyl Showcase)


FREE MP3 DL: Mega Ran featuring D&D Sluggers’ “Infinite Lives”

The superfresh man known as Mega Ran is back in 2014 with a new cut where he enters the 8-bit world of video games and comes out strong with the nice and strong “Infinite Lives”, a limitless amount of power that gamers can relate to. The song is the only thing that’s electronic in nature has the theme concerns something deeper, and he has some vocal help courtesy of D&D Sluggers. If you love your hip-hop with occasional chip tune excellence, check this song out now, which will find its way on Mega Ran’s Wouldn’t Miss It For The World EP.

Speaking of which, both Mega Ran and D&D Sluggers will be on the Odds’N’Ends Tour this month along with SkyBlew, beginning next week Friday at the Too Many Games Fest. Catch them:

June 27-29… Philadelphia, PA (Too Many Games Fest)
June 30… Brooklyn, NY (The Fifth Estate a)
July 1… Boston, MA (McGannsa)
July 2… Watertown, NY (Flashback Lounge a)
July 3… Ithaca, NY (Just Be Cause Centera)
July 4… Buffalo, NY (TBA)
July 5… Yellow Springs, OH (Super Fly Comicsa)
July 6… Cincinnati, OH (Chameleona)
July 7… Charlotte, NC (Snug Harbora)
July 9… Chapel Hill, NC (Chapel Hill Underground a)
July 10… Wilmington, NC (Bourgie Nights)
July 11… Vienna, VA (Jammin’ Java)
July 12… Baltimore, MD (Ram’s Head Live (Bit Gen Gamer Fest))

FREE MP3 DL: Mega Ran & Richie Branson’s “Zombies Ate My Neighbors”

 photo MegaRanZ_cover_zpsc884510b.jpg
Here’s a question you may have tossed around the mind from time to time: what would happen if a zombie ate a neighbor? Now what if there was more than one zombie, and they cluster ate your floor or neighborhood? Mega Ran and Richie Branson have pondered this too and while they may not come anywhere close to a solution, the dialogue has become. Check out “Zombies Ate My Neighbors”, and bring a napkin or hot sauce.

The song is a part of their Ghouls ‘N Ghosts 2 EP, to be released on Halloween.

SOME STUFFS: Grandpa Funnybook releases a new hip-hop mixtape

 photo GrandpaFunnyBook_cover_zps0f3d2df0.jpg
The reason he looks like a superstar is because he IS a superstar. I speak of Grandpa Funnybook, and he has just released a street album for friends (and sometimes frenemies) called Grandpa Funnybook’s Mix-Tapingly Arranged Rapping Song Album 3! (Hand’Solo) and it features some of the best and upcoming forward-thinkers in not just hip-hop, but music in general, but the music is kept within a hip-hop contest. Some of the people you’ll hear include Wordburglar, Jesse Dangerously, Beefy, More Or Less, CasUno, Adam WarRock, Mega Ran, Ghettosocks, Kabuto the Python, Fresh Kils, Dual Core, Mikal kHill, and many more.

Believe or not, the street album is narrated by Grandpa Funnybook himself, who is illustrated on the cover by comic book artist Dave Howlet. The entire presentation was mixed by Peter Project, so if you like your hip-hop to not always stay on the same avenue or region as you listen, you’re really going to like what this is about.

VIDEO: Mega Ran’s “Turn Me Down”

Whether you know him as Random of Mega Ran, the man has a new EP out called Trap, and “Turn Me Down” is one of the songs on it, which comes now in the form of a promotional film clip (a/k/a “music video) directed by Cedric Owens and featuring model Keylor Leigh.

Mega Ran will be joining Homeboy Sandman and Open Mike Eagle on tour beginning this Thursday at an all ages show in Los Angeles. You may go through the rest of the tour dates by clicking here.

As for the EP, Trap is available for free but also has a “Name Your Price” option so if you like the music, show some support.

VIDEO: Mega Ran, Lefty & Futuristic’s “Doubt Me (Radio Edit)”

Personally, I enjoy a quality radio edit but because of it, will some YouTube user fix this video to dub in the explicit version just so people can download the track and hear it in a filthy fashion? I hope not, as that would not be the wishes of Mega Ran, Lefty and Futuristic, who say “you don’t believe me?” How dare you “Doubt Me” would be the words one of them would say, but don’t doubt them, just listen and watch. If you’d like to enjoy the song again but without the aid of visuals, press play below.

SOME STUFFS: Open Mike Eagle gets busy one time…no, three times

 photo OpenMikeEagle_old_zpsa447e7a7.jpg
Three issues of interest for Open Mike Eagle fans:

1) He has a new EP called Sir Rockabye, which you can download for free or use the “name your price” option over at Bandcamp. Stream and listen below.

2) He found himself on Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF?, which you can download by clicking here or finding the WTF? podcast (from Mr. Maron specifically, as there are a number of podcasts also called WTF) via iTunes.

3) He, and I guess I should establish once again that we are speaking of Open Mike Eagle, will be going on tour next month with Homeboy Sandman and the main man, Mega Ran. Set your coordinates:
August 3… New Haven, CT (Cafe Nine)
August 4… Boston, MA (Church)
August 9… Buffalo, NY (Duke’s Bohemian Grove)
August 11… Columbus, OH (Double Happiness)
August 13… Cincinatti, OH (Northside Tavern)
August 14… Indianapolis, IN (Sabbatical)
August 15… Milwaukee (Mad Planet)
August 16… Minneapolis (7th st. Entry)
August 28… Los Angeles, CA (The Airliner (Low End Theory))
August 29… Yuma, AZ (The Basement Lounge)
August 30… Tempe, AZ (Stray Cat)
August 31… Albuquerque, NM (Chill Factory)
September 4… Austin, TX (The North Door)
September 5… San Antonio, TX (502 Bar)
September 6… Ft Worth, TX (Tomcats)
September 7… Fayetteville, AR (Smoke and Barrel Tavern)
September 12… Birmingham, AL (The Bottletree)
September 13… Atlanta, GA (529)
September 14… Jacksonville, FL (1904)
September 15… Orlando, FL (Bikkuri Lounge) (OME and Megaran only)