AUDIO: Megafortress’ “Murderer”

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“Murderer” sounds like something that is opposite of what the title suggests, although the vocals may remind people of Trent Reznor or something along those lines, thus bringing together a bit of good and evil. This is Megafortress, the nom de plume for Bill Gillim of Brooklyn, and the song will make it out on the Driftless Recordings album Believer due out on the 20th of November. Vinyl pressings can be pre-ordered from

SOME STUFFS: First may be the best from Megafortress

 photo Megafortress_old_zps5d71ea95.jpg
If you know of Brooklyn’s Bill Gillim, you may already know him under his musical pseudonym, Megafortress, who released his debut EP two years ago. After taking two years to write, rewrite, and then record new music, he has come up with a full length album, his first, that will be released on November 4th called Believer (Driftless Recordings). The press release states “the tracks seem to follow a sole searcher, a lost person, for whom faith is not a source of light amidst the obscurity but a delusion that only makes the ambiguities more terrifying” but you may be thinking “cut the mumbo jumbo and let me know what this dreaminess sounds like. You’re not in luck just yet, but you are able to take a listen to some of the songs he has made in the past by heading to his official Soundcloud page. Other portions of the press release make him a bit obscure if not obtuse, but even that may sound like mumbo jumbo too. Let’s just say that he has a lot of depth but tries to simplify things through what he writes and creates, and in the end becomes something that has more dimensions than you may have assumed. When he and the label share a song from the album, I’ll share it with you here too.