AUDIO: Boris’ “Heavy Rain”/Merzbow’s “Goloka Pt. 2”

This is going to be a trippy album. From Japan, we bring together the band Boris and experimentalist Merzbow. Their new album is called Gensho (Relapse) and will be released as a double CD or a quadruple LP set. On one half of the record you have new material from Boris, doing their harsh style of music with a sense of beauty. On the other half of the record you have Merzbow doing his noisy adventures. What you’re supposed to do is play them together at once.

Sounds weird? Maybe but it sounds very cool. In this case, here is Boris’ “Heavy Rain” and as you will hear, the song is like the full album: percussion-less. You can listen to it as is. You also have “Goloka Pt. 2” by Merzbow, nothing but noise, as he is known for. If you are a noise enthusiast, you may get into this nicely. Now, you play both songs together. That is Gensho, which translates to “phenomenon” so by being involved with this, you are a part of this audio phenomenon.

RECORD CRACK: No Closure project includes Merzbow and ex-members of Sutekh Hexen

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Scott Miller and Lee Camfield, former members of Sutekh Hexen, found a way to put together a collaboration with noise genius Masami Akita, the man you may know as Merzbow. What resulted was No Closure, who ended up making a blend of industrial, doom, black metal, and psychedelic music, and even if you are a fan of these gentlemen, they decided to do things that would be considered different from their norms. No exhausting feedback or noise, nothing uncontrolled, which may surprise some Merzbow fans but this is why this collaboration was put together. If there is one thing to be expected, it’s the length of the two songs, ending up with a 44-minute album. Are you prepared for this?

Vinyl pressing can be purchased here, only 200 copies are being made, all done with heavy printed covers on eco-stock, all copies on black vinyl. Compact disc fans will be able to buy it from Coldspring, and cassette enthusiasts can purchase it on tape from Wands’ online store.

REVIEW: Merzbow & Oren Ambarchi’s “Cat’s Squirrel”

Merzbow & Oren Ambarchi photo MerzbowAmbarchi_cover_zps327962a2.jpg This is the end result of two noise fiends creating solid mayhem for the love of it. Cat’s Squirrel (Black Truffle) was recorded live by Merzbow and Oren Ambarchi during a music festival in Australia last year. The combination of Merzbow’s vibrant noise mixed in with Ambarchi’s guitar scratching and feedback, along with his mixture of effects, must have been a trip and a joy for most people in the audience (and perhaps a nightmare for a select few) for those who didn’t quite know what to expect. What is also a trip in “Cat’s Squirrel 1” is when one hears beeps of unknown origin, as if it interrupted the noise from nowhere as if to suggest an alarm or signal of some sort. It adds a brief moment of comfort in the hell of the track. “Cat’s Squirrel 2” is equally disturbing but also has a gentle drone going on, it too being of unknown origin. You can either concentrate on the noise or the drone and you may get a different listening perspective with one or the other. While the titles may suggest that they are two parts of the same sound expression, they could be listened to as two separate entities, with part 1 being 16 1/2 minutes, part 2 going at 15 1/2 minutes. Cat’s Squirrel is either pure ecstasy or one’s last sense of sound before suicide. Or one and the same. If you can handle it, it is an exciting listen.

REVIEW: Melvins’ “Chicken Switch”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Me and Melvins go way back. I have been a fan of the Melvins kids for about 23 years, there was a time when I pretty much bought everything they would release. I have not been as savvy although I would like to me, but I always make sure to buy their new albums. Sadly, m Melvins vinyl collection is behind, so I don’t have their recent albums in the preferred format, but one day when I win the Lotto, SHIT YEAH, MELVINS VINYL FOR DAYS. I would like to play congas for Melvins, but that’s another topic, another time.

Chicken Switch (Ipecac) is supposed to be a Melvins remix album, but here’s the catch. The contributors were not given any element of the source material, so they had to create whatever they felt like, in whatever way they felt comfortable with. It sounds odd, but when have Melvins ever done anything normally? Some of it may remind fans of the Snivlem album, Prick, especially the “Emperor Twaddle Remix” by Christoph Heemann, which in its second half is nothing but a three second applause loop with various other live concert elements thrown in. Someone dropping a microphone? That’s added into the mix. It’s almost like Jan Jelinek on meth jelly beans. In V/Vm‘s “She Chokes Her Dying Breath & Does It In My Face”, it’s nothing more than drumstick clicks and a droning guitar, which comes off like lighting a candle on both ends, and throwing it in a barn. Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth creates an “Eggnog Medley” that perhaps not surpisingly souynds nothing like anything on Eggnog or a proper medley. I’d like to see this played full blast in a school zone. The biggest surprise may be what Merzbow did in “Snow Rem Rem Ibvz”, which managed to include a hit making beverage that was splattered to create splatteria.

Is it a Melvins album? Yes. Is it not a Melvins album? Yes. Is it a Melvins remix album? Yes/no . Is it a Melvins tribute album? Yes/no. Is it filled with sound? Yes. Is it filled with silence? Yes. You know, after hearing this, I wish I could have contributed to this. Maybe I should make my own Melvins “remix”. Maybe I will/will not. Chicken Switch is an odd chicken glitch,and most of us can’t pass the bitch/and those rotten ass motherfuckers know this. Thanks Geto Boys.

Is this a Melvins album review? Yes/no. Is it a Melvins tribute review? Yes/no. Will you be molested in the air by volume? Circle your answer.


SOME STUFFS: Melvins offer a refreshing spiked egg nog in the form of… A REMIX ALBUM

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As a fan of Melvins for almost 25 years, I’ve been waiting for a project like this for a long time. It seems the band have opened up their vaults for various well known producers, remixers, and musicians to take various Melvins songs and remix them at will. The project is complete, and it is called Chicken Switch, due out September 29th on Ipecac Records.

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Here is the confirmed track listing, courtesy of It looks like this thing is going to be nuts:
# Eye Yamatsuka — Washmachine Sk8tronics
# Christoph Heemann — Emperor Twaddle Remix
# V/VM — She Chokes Her Dying Breath and Does It In My Face
# John Duncan — AAHHH…
# Matmos — Linkshänder
# Lee Ranaldo — EggNog Trilogy: i) She’s Ivanhoe ii) Cancer iii) Inebriated
# David Scott Stone — Prick Concrète/Revolution M
# Panacea — Queen (Electroclash Remix)
# Sunroof! — The Silky Apple Butter of Youth
# Kawabata Makoto — 4th Floor Hellcopter
# Farmersmanual — disp_tx_skel_mach_murx
# Void Manes — Overgoat
# RLW — Over from Under the Dog, Girl & Boy Treatment
# Speedranch — Hard Revenge Milly Bloody Battle VS. The Melvins Ozmatized Gore Police (Feat: Cardopusher of the Five Deadly Venoms)