BOOK’S FOODIE: El El Frijoles restaurant (short video)

El El Frijoles from Jon Roemer on Vimeo.

My love of tacos go so deep, I’ll often look around for taco-related videos. There are a small handful of taco documentaries, or more specifically, documentaries on those who create them for the eating public. El El Frijoles is a Mexican restaurant in Sargentville, Maine, made by two people who you would never think would create Mexican food. With a bit of Pacific Northwest roots, the two people behind El El Frijoles decided to start something and it has worked for them. Take a look at their place and see what it takes. The restaurant is currently running with summer hours, so if you want to try out their goods or check out the menu, head to The video was shot by Joe Roemer.

BOOK’S FOODIE: “Lonche” (short film documentary trailer)

A search on Tumblr lead to the discovery of this new documentary film about taco trucks called Lonche. Directed by Claire Weissbluth, “lonche” is the Spanglish word for the meal known as lunch and the documentary focuses on two specific taco trucks that roam Los Angeles not only to feed hungry patrons, but as a means to survive. The film will make its premier tomorrow (June 12th) in Santa Cruz, CA at the Del Mar Theater, call the theater for more information.

VIDEO: Former Shins drummer starts taco wagon in Portland, Oregon

Besides music, I happen to be a foodie as well. Hell, one look at me and…

Anyway, I enjoy reading food blogs, reading restaurant reviews, and I like passing out information about both on my own food blog. Since this is food-related, I would pass it along to you.

Former Shins drummer Jesse Sandoval was known for not only cooking for his bandmates, but making food for bands who would come through to his town. His love of food, and perhaps more important the respect people gave towards his food, made him think of the idea to start up a cart.

This video is courtesy of a great website called VendrTV, dedicated to “curbside cuiside”. Support your local food vendor.