AUDIO: Meyhem Lauren featuring Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Big Body Bes’ “Bonus Round”

Meyhem Lauren will be dropping an album very soon and not only that, it’s a freebie. Yes, a free album called Piatto D’Oro and one of the songs has some serious guests: Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Big Body Bes, and check this, the song in question is produced by Harry Fraud. It’s called “Bonus Round” and it may offer you a bonus mound, if you know what I mean. Download this soon, while supplies last.

FREE DL: L’Orange’s “After The Flowers” (EP)
L’Orange not only has free music for you in the form of an extended play, but the EP is being distributed as a free item. Yes, it’s free of charge so have a listen to After The Flowers, which features help from Blame One, Amerigo Gazaway, Chuck Inglish, Red Pill. Xiomara, Billy Woods, Meyhem Lauren, and Johaz.

VIDEO: Meyhem Lauren’s “Fingerless Driving Gloves”

“I ain’t bringing shit back, New York, we never left” is a line that will hit you immediately. Like a chocolate chip cookie you’ve had a hunger for, you know you’re not going to take a mere bite. That’s what Meyhem Lauren wants you to do with his lyrics and music: create a need in you to want to hear more of what he has to offer. “Fingerless Driving Gloves” is that acid-tinged tab, let it coat your mind a bit. Once that happens, you are able to continue the experience more with his new mix tape called Respect The Fly Shit, which he’s making available for free. Click here for more tabs.

VIDEO: Meyhem Lauren featuring Heems & Action Bronson’s “Special Effects”

The video is short, but it’s a banger. Meyhem Lauren brought in Heems and Action Bronson for the extra cool “Special Effects”, and as for the video, Meyhem didn’t have to look too far for Heems put everything together to make things look as cool as the music itself.

The song is from Meyhem’s forthcoming album Respect The Fly Shit, due out later this summer.