FREE MP3 DL: Kat O1O’s “MeowMix Retrospective Vol. 1”

Her music is very much a part of her resume, and Kat Ouano has done a lot of music in the last 15 years. With new ventures in front of her, she has decided to put together a compilation of some highlights of that input in what she is calling MeowMix Retrospective Vol. 1. The second volume will follow next week so if you only know of the Kat O1O vibe but haven’t heard it yet, it’s the perfect time to do so and get down.

VIDEO: Mia Doi Todd’s “Canto de Iemanjá”

Mia Doi Todd — Canto de Iemanjá by Vinícius de Moraes and Baden Powell from Grace Oh on Vimeo.

It has been ten years since I became aware of Moi Doi Todd, her music and her voice, and it’s great to hear about her new projects. This video takes things to new levels. It is a cover of “Canto de Iemanjá”, a song written by Vinícius de Moraes and Baden Powell. In 2011, it will not only appear on Todd’s new album Cosmic Ocean Ship, but it makes its presence known on the brand new Red Hot + Rio2 collection. I love how the video gathers together various cultural “artifacts” towards finding a sense of common ground in/within/amongst all of us. The video was beautifully directed by Grace Oh and… just watch and listen.