VIDEO: Sound City (trailer)

If you read your liner notes, you’ll know about some of the recording studios that are considered “the best”, or at least those that offer a certain feel that welcomes artists from around the world. Sound City is one of those studios that was a mandatory visit for all, and perhaps some of your favorite records in your collection may have been recorded, mix, or mastered there. Sound City is a new documentary film which focuses on the magic and chemistry created in that room, and it stars everyone from Dave Grohl (who is presenting the film) and Josh Homme to Lindsey Buckingham and Barry Manilow, all celebrating the wonder of the room and some of the analog equipment that made it what it is and has become. I love the quote in the trailer which says “how do we keep music sounding like people?” The film will be released on February 1st, while the soundtrack album is scheduled for a March 12th release.

SOME STUFFS: Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” to receive 4CD box set treatment

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Every song on the album receives airplay 32 years after the fact, and it’s one of the biggest selling albums in music history. There are audiophile vinyl, white vinyl, DVD-Audio, and 2CD deluxe editions, plus the Classic Albums DVD documentary on the making of the album. Now the group are going to take the album one step further.

There will be a four disc box set for Rumours, with one of them being a DVD featuring “never-before-seen footage of the band” according to a Fleetwood Mac fan site. No word on the actual contents of the box, but it is scheduled for release sometime this year.