Photobucket This week’s Bandcamp Suggestion comes from an EP put together by artists whom I’ve been fans of for awhile. I’m a Kat Ouano fan since her days with Mission: and later Crown City Rockers, and have enjoyed what she has come up with on the solo side along with the things she has shared in collaborations in the last few years. DJ Platurn is damn good, always come up with tight beats and some very clever remixes and edits. Both of them have collaborated and each mix has been very impressive, where Platurn programs the beats while Ouano, also known as KatO1O, tickles the woodsy and synthetic ivories. They not only honor the music of the past by creating these new versions, but show how much of an influence it has had, and in a subliminal way shows what’s missing in a lot of today’s music.

Nobody Walks In L.A. is a 5-song EP highlighting their remixes and it is being released under the name PlatO1O. You can take a listen to each track, download your favorite or better yet, get the entire thing. Only 5 songs, and you pay what you feel is right. Solid as a rock? You bet.

RECORD CRACK: Bay Area DJ collabs with Crown City Rocker for Midnight Star vinyl treat

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DJ Platurn of the Oakland Faders asked Crown City Rockers‘s keyboardist Kat Ouano to sit in and do a collaboration. The end result is a cover of Midnight Star‘s “Midas Touch”, which will be released on vinyl through the BSTRD BOOTS label on November 24th. You can pre-order your copies (yes, purchase multiples) through