SOME STUFFS: Pharrell Williams to head line this year’s Camp Flog Gnaw

 photo CampFlogGnaw3rd_poster_zps2dfe9f38.jpg
The 3rd Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Festival has been announced, with tickets to be made available to the public tomorrow (Friday, August 8th) and what you see is not a joke: Pharrell Williams will be headlining this year, hat and all. Also scheduled to attend include people like Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, MURS, Rick Ross, Mac Miller, and such Odd Future folks like Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, The Internet, Domo Genesis, and many more. Early bird tickets can be purchased directly from Camp Flog Gnaw.

Oh yeah: as for where it will be, it’ll be held again at The Park at Los Angeles Coliseum on November 8th.

SOME STUFFS: OFWGKTA Carnival expands to include Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, and Flying Lotus in lineup

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A month ago, the 2nd annual OFWGKTA Carnival was announced with the promise of the full lineup coming soon. Today, the lineup for this year’s Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Carnival is now known. Along with headliners Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean, the festival will also feature scheduled performances from Taco, Mike G. The Internet, Trash Talk, MellowHigh, SchoolboyQ, Flying Lotus, Mac Miller, and Earl Sweatshirt. There may or may not be special guests, but go to the show if you can regardless of who or who doesn’t show up, and have a great time. The festivities will be held on November 9th at The Park at the L.A. Coliseum.

REVIEW: OFWGKTA’s “The OF Tape, Vol. 2”

Photobucket The new mix tape by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) has been heavily pushed, but what about its content and the music? If you are a Wolf Gang follower, you are going to love the diversity of tracks here, primarily focused on hip-hop of course but you also has some nice soulful elements that show the calmer side of their Sears. It touches the wide range of artists that are within the OFWGKTA collective, and it should be treated not so much as a proper album, but a compilation, a “highlight reel”, or of course a mix tape.

One of the more revealing tracks is the posse song that closes the album, “Oldie”. In thesong’s last verse, Tyler The Creator steps away from the under-control-psycho persona that he has created for himself and explains the importance of the doughnut illustration on the cover, what he has helped to create, and how the world of music has expanded but hopes to be able to continue with the empire he has helped to create.

As I listen to these songs, I can’t help but hear these songs not only as fun and damn good, but as a mission towards creating “something else”. One might argue that what they do musically is not exactly the “hip-hop norm”, but considering what is considered normal in 2012, I’d rather have that Golf Wang abnormal shit. At 18 tracks clocking in at about 63 minutes, they are a well deserved punch in what hip-hop has become, and for a lot of people, what Odd Future do and have done is a long time coming. If this is a signpost for Mach II or Mach III for the group, I will definitely enjoy what they offer for the next three years. As they say in “We Got Bitches”, I want that ignorant shit.