SOME STUFFS: Stream Diplo “Revolution” in full

A month ago, Diplo had this project up his sleeve. The sleeve has been rolled up like a magical mystery tour and here it is, another Revolution (Mad Decent) to fluctuate your butt cheek muscles. Don’t sweat the technique or your glutes, you can now listen to it in full for free below, like the love below, but different.

SOME STUFFS: Diplo has a “Revolution” up his sleeve

 photo DiploR_cover_zps650514ed.jpg
It’s hard to believe Diplo hasn’t released a Diplo-proper release since “Express Yourself”, and thousands of butt cheeks later, he is about to release the follow-up to it. Revolution can easily describe the mini-microbial ways of the man who is traveling around the world to get him and his music out to the people, and this new project brings in Action Bronson, Travis Porter, RiFF RAFF, Mike Posner, and other people I most likely haven’t heard of, because Diplo works too fast for me. The EP will feature “Biggie Bounce”, a song which reflects on how Biggie Smalls used to bounce a lot when he was… that’s not what the song is about? Here’s a brief preview of it.

Mad Decent is releasing this one on October 8th, time to demonstraith… the Revolution? Sure, let’s say that. Want another song? Sure, let’s offer that.

VIDEO: Mashup Germany’s “I’ll Be Missing You (Don’t Raise Your Glass)”

This music and video mash-up seems so flawless, it’s not even funny. It’s damn good, and is by Mashup Germany. Check it out, and if you like what you hear, you can download this and other tracks here. The video was put together by Panos.