VIDEO: Cliff Dweller’s “The Warshipper”

“The Warshippers” from Cliff Dweller on Vimeo.

Upon doing a search for music to feature in my podcast, I came across an artist who goes by the name of Cliff Dweller, and within their Bandcamp page was a link to a video. I liked the songs on the album, so I wanted to see what the video was. This is the result.

“The Warshipper” is taken from Ghosts of the Dust Bowl, which is available as a free download for a limited time. (NOTE: If you want to download only a track or two, there’s a minimum fee of $1 per song, so take advantage of the free download for the full album while you can.)

RECORD CRACK: Jonas Reinhardt gets trippier with “Powers of Audition”

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What moved Jonas Reinhardt to title his album Powers Of Audition (Kranky) is an interesting one: “the human capacity to audition sound and fill in blanks where the composer leaves space for interpretation.” For some, that is a great way to listen to music and/or improvise as a musician, to take it to other levels unknown.

Powers Of Audition, his second album, continues on with his minimalist exploration of electronic music, somewhat nostalgic but very much of the now and the future. It sounds like music you’d hear on a television show you’re not sure you’re really watching because it’s 2:42am and you’re in that zone. This album, in a more alert state, will bring you to another state without you having to leave your easy chair.

Vinyl and CD can be ordered individually from Kranky.