VIDEO: Mirror Travel’s “Mexico”

The label would like for you to know that “Mexico” is a very trippy video from Mirror Travel, with its kaleidoscopic imagery and multi-faceted effects. The song is the title track from their new album out now, and as you listen and trip our your eye sockets, if you’re able to do it, look down at where they’ll be performing. They’ll be at this weekend’s Austin Psych Fest on Saturday, so brave the wilderness.

May 3… Austin, TX (Austin Psych Fest)
May 6… Marfa, TX (Padre’s)
May 7… Phoenix, AZ (The Western)
May 8… Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge)
May 9… Los Angeles, CA (Origami Vinyl)
May 10… San Francisco, CA (Hotel Utah)
May 12… Portland, OR (Valentine’s)
May 13… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge)
May 14… Boise, ID (Flying M Room)
May 15… Salt Lake City, UT (Kilby’s Court)
May 16… Denver, CO (Lion’s Lair)
May 17… Oklahoma City, OK (The Conservatory)
May 18… Austin, TX (Cheer Up Charlie’s)

VIDEO: Mirror Travel’s “Stoner”

Mirror Travel-Stoner from Liz Perlman on Vimeo.

If you are a stoner or just someone who enjoys throwing stones in rivers and streams, perhaps some of the visions you see while doing the act will be seen in this video by Mirror Travel. The song is from their Modern Outsider album, Mexico (my two separate reviews can be read by clicking here and there), so if you may have heard about them but weren’t convinced they would be for you, get high with help from “Stoner”.

REVIEW: Mirror Travel’s “Mexico”

  • Getting a lot of music to review on a daily basis, there are a small handful of times where I will not know if I reviewed something until I’m about midway through writing the review itself or somewhere within the listening process. It happened here and when I compared reviews, it comes off as if I was listening to two different albums or groups. Here is my original review. Now I present to you the new review, written before I wrote this introduction.

     photo MirrorTravel_cover_zpsacb14cf1.jpg Mexico is music that has that new wave/alternative feel, reminiscent of music from the 80’s and 90’s that may bring to mind the likes of Lush, Echo & The Bunnymen, and to some degree Throwing Muses, and that’s partly due to the ways of the jingle/jangle guitars played by vocalist Lauren Green. Oh, the name of the band is Mirror Travel, and the music on this album is the type that you’ll want to remember and play over and over, for it has the kind of lasting power that comes from hearing the lyrics, understanding and believing in them because you hear yourself in Green’s voice. The majority of the songs on here are the perfect pop song length (between three to five minutes), but one song (“Pinholes”) goes for close to six, and I hope they are explorers in a live setting, for I’d love to hear what they’re capable of doing, playing these songs in a live setting while feeding off from the crowd. For the most part, the songs are quick and fancy free and it’s good to know that they’re able to pull that off effectively, but they also know how to carry things in long and drawn out moments if needed. Drummer Tiffanie Lanmon is great to listen to and bassist Paul Brinkley rounds things off and places everything dead center, becoming the navigator of sorts as a means to guide everyone from start to finish.

  • REVIEW: Mirror Travel’s “Mexico”

     photo MirrorTravel_cover_zps8fabd008.jpg The music on Mexico by Mirror Travel was fairly impressive up to a point, and I think a big part of why I was impressed was that it sounded like what I had heard before. I was happy to hear new versions/revisions of the type of indie rock/pop with distant/ambient vocals that were mixed with a lot of reverb and echo, but what else did it provide me? The songs are quite decent and it made me want to dance in my own mind but I think my problem with it was that I wanted something more. I wanted to hear something else within this. I was giving the group a chance and maybe I should’ve been happy with it, but then I wondered if me wanting more from Mirror Travel made me want them to sound like yet another something else. The songs, musicianship, and vocals aren’t bad, I just had hoped the songs would get deeper. As far as what they do on the surface, it’s great. Maybe what I want from them, that something else, can only be experienced in a live setting. If so, then I wouldn’t mind if they brought that type of execution into the studio.

    SOME STUFFS: Austin, Texas’ Mirror Travel find a new path with new album

     photo MirrorTravel_old_zps2f586e71.jpg
    You may have known of this trio as Follow That Bird, which may lead you to ask the question “what to you mean “may have known”?” Follow The Bird were that close to entering a recording studio to record an album but when the label called it a day, the group also decided to call it a day, or at least they decided to give their moniker a day and come up with a new one.

    Enter Mirror Travel.

    The band have recorded, mixed, and mastered an album scheduled for released on October 15th through Modern Outsider Records, and it’s called Mexico, the title track of which you are being allowed to listen to below. Tiffanie Lanmon, Paul Brinkley, and Lauren Green went to Marfa, Texas to record the album with Gory Smelley, and while it may seem odd for a band to head 6 1/2 hours west of their home headquarters, isolating themselves in a previously-unknown town was the perfect choice, allowing the band to concentrate on the music and nothing but, and coming up with something that is sure to get people interested in Mirror Travel’s style of rough, garage-y pop. If you happen to be headed to Austin, Texas in mid-August, you’ll be able to see Mirror Travel on home turf when they play at The Mohawk.

    (UPDATE: A day after posting this, I watched an episode of one of my favorite new shows on the Cooking Channel, Tripping Out With Alie & Georgia. The most recent episode had them exploring Marfa, Texas and I’m thinking to myself “where did I hear about this town before?” It lead me back to Mirror Travel. While it is 6 1/2 hours west of Austin, it is about three hours east of El Paso. After watching the show, I now want to visit Marfa. Alie & Georgia have posted a brief article about why you should visit Marfa, Texas. A road trip is definitely necessary.)