FREE MP3 DL: Font Drama’s “Butter Biscuits”

Miss Eaves has returned not only with a new song, but as part of a duo with Clara Bizna$$. They call themselves Font Drama, and “Butter Biscuits” this one involves booty movements but only if you deserve it. The layers heard in this production makes this work for me, courtesy of Apple Juice Kid, so if you want to fully understand why “beans and rice didn’t miss these chicks”, press play. Turn this into the summer jam of 2014.

FREE MP3 DL: Miss Eaves’ “Eaves” (mixtape)

Miss Eaves photo MissEaves_cover_zps20202b02.jpg
When you have a very young Miss Eaves shown on the cover, dressed as a rabbit while sitting on a wicker chair, you know that you have to listen to it. It’s a brand new street album Miss Eaves simple titled Eaves, nine tracks of grime that is sure to make this spring season jump even higher. You may stream it in full below, but to download it, head to the Soundcloud page for the link. Meanwhile, Miss Eaves has now entered the tradition of rattan chair album covers.

FREE MP3 DL: Surfing Leons featuring Miss Eaves’ “Banga”

Enchufada Records will be releasing a new collaborative effort between Surfing Leons and Miss Eaves called “Banga” and the song is hot. You may listen to the track here because I’m unable to embed the player on my page, but you can see the teaser video created for it. Full length due out soon.

VIDEO: Miss Eaves’ “Diva Drop”

Miss Eaves – Diva Pop from SAL on Vimeo.

From the artist that I felt gave us the best song of 2011 has now given us a video that welcomes us into 2012. She is Miss Eaves and she offers fans and naysayers and non-believers a “Diva Drop”. Take it, for she is ready to dominate in the new year. What I like about her music is her energy and the humor within the honesty, and I hope people will acknowledge and focus on these qualities.


Photobucket Earlier this year, when I first became aware of Miss Eaves, I fell in love with her song “Pretty In Pink” because of its fun attitude, and to be honest, it was very real. In other words, she makes fun of her size and does it in a manner which goes back to the philosophy “get off your ass and dance, we’re all going to the same grave.” To my ears, the mix was good but felt like it was in a demo stage. She later did a new version with a lot more polish, the vocals were tighter and I said “this is it”.

Now she has an EP where she’s testing the waters, called Byte This. A few of the songs are slight variations of what you hear in “Pretty In Pink” but what I feel works is hearing this and knowing she could really take off in this decades of the 10’s.

I look at it this way: a lot of artists who mix up a club/electro vibe with a bit of hip-hop usually do it as a way to hide their true selves. Miss Eaves isn’t hiding, and that’s the opposite from the masks a lot of artists wear. To me, she’s saying “love me or leave me, but thank you for listening” and you can go on your merry way. But if you hear what I’m hearing, then I’d like to think she is someone worth keeping an eye and ear out for.