SOME STUFFS: KatO1O raising funds for her forthcoming album

KatO1O photo KatO1O_old_zpssdg5bzfq.jpg
Kat Ouano will be putting on her KatO1O costume once again with a new album that is already completed, but she is raising funds to help get it out there to the people. The new release will be called On The Cusp and part of the proceeds earned will go towards VH-1’s Save The Music Foundation. In other words, while you are helping her get the music released, you’re also helping those in need, so consider it and realize you’d be doing double duty. Head to to find out the different price options and make a donation. Ouano was a member of Mission: and Crown City Rockers, who represented hip-hop nicely in the Bay Area. Now residing on the island of Kauai in Hawai’i, she wants to let people know that her love of music has never stopped. She has raised 60% of her goal, help her get a few more steps to making this happen.

Until then, she’s also releasing a single for the title track, which also features a remix by the one and only Headnodic. Anytime these two unite, there’s always good music so check it out. Pre-order the single below via Amazon.


FREE MP3 DL: Kat O1O’s “MeowMIx Retrospective Vol. 2”

As promised, Kat O1O has relased the second volume of her MeowMIx Retrospective, featuring various tracks she has taken part in in the last 15 years, including contributions from the Mission:/Crown City Rockers collective plus Eric Krasno, People Under The Stairs, DJ Day, and more. Miss Ouano promises more music in the near future, so let’s see what she’ll come up with next.

(If the download link is unavailable on the player above, click to the Soundcloud page for the MeowMix Retrospective. Vol. 1 can be downloaded by heading here.)

FREE MP3 DL: Kat O1O’s “MeowMix Retrospective Vol. 1”

Her music is very much a part of her resume, and Kat Ouano has done a lot of music in the last 15 years. With new ventures in front of her, she has decided to put together a compilation of some highlights of that input in what she is calling MeowMix Retrospective Vol. 1. The second volume will follow next week so if you only know of the Kat O1O vibe but haven’t heard it yet, it’s the perfect time to do so and get down.

SOME STUFFS: Headnodic releases new video to coincide with new album

This is the day that Headnodic releases a new album called The Iguana, my review of which can be read by clicking here. My words offer praise for an incredible recording, and I say this without being related to the main. My worse are not false, it’s that good and if you’d like to get a hint of that goodness, there’s a video ready for the song “Mandelorian”, featuring Kat Ouano, Tom Ayers, and Max MacVeety in assistance. The video also has a hi-res option so check that out too.

VIDEO: “Live From Headnodic’s” (episode 2)

Musician/producer Headnodic has created an online video series that he loves so much, he decided to name it after himself. It’s called Live From Headnodic’s, where he brings in various musicians, rappers, and singers to have a jam session of sorts to see and hear what happens. If you haven’t heard about this year, fear not, this is only episode two and for this show he brings in Lateef The Truth Speaker, The Seshen, Raashan Ahmad, Max MacVeety, Trio Zincalo and others.

Headnodic will be releasing a new album on October 23rd called The Iguana (Ropeadope), and a review on this very site is forthcoming.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Crown City Rockers’ “Vibrations (Live In Studio)”

Crown City Rockers remain one of my favorite bands of the last 15 years, and they decided to rock this one out at Headnodic’s place for a bit of celebratory “Vibrations”. One of my favorite parts of the song is when it reaches the 2:10: pure funk/soul/jazz/hip-hop heaven. Respect to CCR, who did this track in one take. If you like it, you can download the audio right here.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Raashan Ahmad’s “Lighters”

Being a fan of Raashan Ahmad for over 10 years, I always like what he does because I am generally certain his music will give me what my ears and mind want to hear. I also like something that gets slightly unconventional, at least in a general hip-hop sense. For one, he rhymes over a sped up track that has been celebrated in downtempo circles for years, taking a well known Portishead song and bringing it into his neighorhood. Also, you don’t hear Ahmad until almost a minute into the song. No annoying DJ’s yelling their name, their crew, or the menu items at the restaurant before the main person comes in, so as you listen, let the music creep on you. As the saying goes, let it marinate. Then it will begin.

VIDEO: Headnodic featuring Raashan Ahmad’s “Cough Drop”

A new video from Headnodic, and this one features Raashan Ahmad for the very cool and funky “Cough Drop”. The track is from Headnodic’s Red Line Radio album (you can read my review here).

SOME STUFFS: Gift Of Gab has presents in the form of his “Next Logical Progression”

Gift Of Gab has been unusually quiet as of late, which is odd because let’s face it: when you have a gift, and that gift is to gab… well, you know what I’m talking about. He’s wiping off the dust collected and is about to drop a new album called Next Logical Progression, so anyone who wanted to know what would come next from him, this is it. The new album will be released on March 27th, and this is the official track listing, with some quality guests joining him:

1. NLP
2. Introlude
3. Rise (featuring Raashan Ahmad and Zumbi)
4. Protocol (featuring Samantha Kravitz)
5. Everything Is Fine (featuring George Clinton and Latryx)
6. Toxic (featuring Martin Luther)
7. Wack But Good People
8. Effed Up
9. Market & 8th
10. Dream Warrior (featuring Ms K)
11. So So Much
12. Beyond Logic

One interesting factor about this album is that it caters less to his select use of samples, and more to trying out more instrumentation. You can hear (and download) the results by checking out “Protocol”.
Gift of Gab: Protocol ft. Samantha Kravitz by quannumprojects

On top of that, fans will be able to hear some of these new songs and a few classics or two when he goes on a brief tour this month:
January 20… Crystal Bay, NV (Crown Room)
January 21… Chico, CA (El Ray Theater)
January 22… Sacramento, CA (Harlowes)
January 25… Eugene, OR (Cozmic)
January 26… Portland, OR (Mt. Tabor)
January 27… Victoria, BC (Sugar)
January 28… Seattle, WA (Nectar Lounge)
January 29… Bellingham, WA (Wild Buffalo)

RECORD CRACK/VIDEO: Headnodic featuring KatO1O’s “The Mondays”

This one is called “an open love letter to vinyl”, and rightfully so. Headnodic has KatO1O helping him out in the very smooth and funky “The Mondays”, and while the song may signify a feeling of blue, when you see few Blue Note‘s CTI‘s, and Prestige‘s in the pile, your Mondays will go away.