FREE DL: Tool vs. Kendrick Lamar’s “Sober Swimming Pools (Drank)”

The superfresh Mochipet have put together this nice mash-up by blending in an artist who has many Grammy nominations in 2016 with a band who were one of the best and celebrated of the early 90’s. Uniting Kendrick Lamar with Tool may have been a dream of yours but that dream is now a reality. Will it become a nightmare? Nah, but listen to “Sober Swimming Pools (Drank)” and find out how solid this is.

FREE DL: Mochipet’s “Psilocybin Samurai Remixed”
Newly released is an album by Mochipet called Psilocybin Samurai Remixed and while you are able to download it as FLAC’s or MP3’s, you will only be able to download this for a week, and that’s this week. This means until June 16th, you’ll have a chance to get this and enjoy it, free of charge. Get to it now.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: Mochipet featuring Mr. Lif’s “Spark”

A new Mochipet video? Where does one start? That may be the question you’re asking right now but you see the arrow, press play. This one is for the song “Spark”, which features Mr. Lif complimenting Mr. Mochi. The song also has a number of remixes to be satisfied with, stream them below or buy the whole meal deal.

SOME STUFFS: Mochipet goes ‘shrooming with new EP
The good man known as Mochipet will be releasing a new EP next week Tuesday and I am sure the music will be as twisted as the title for it: Psilocybin Samurai. It doesn’t matter if you do mushrooms or not, but you may want to step away from ledges before listening. You can pre-order the EP above through Bandcamp.

REVIEW: Mochipet’s “Pokemon Wedding” (EP)

 photo MochipetPW_cover_zpsb36644c9.jpg There was a time when Mochipet was making fairly wild music, and I got into how psychotic he was with his unpredictable combinations, remixes, and worlds. As of late, he seems to have reconstructed himself, or at least fine tune is sound, as a means to become more accessible to others so that others could work with him for their projects or remixes. If this is the case, Mochipet continues to be a journeyman, as shown on Pokemon Wedding (Daly City). What’s gone for the most part is the psychotic side, which I miss, but what I am hearing is something more musical, more dynamic, more playful, more… careful? That works. While the four songs here could be listened to as individual pieces, you can also listen to them to tell a story, to figure out what’s being discussed and what it leads to, which is “the wedding”. If anything, one can sense that this party is a fun one, one that involves love, peace, and happiness like an Al Green song. This may feel more futuristic but it’s very much in the now, so enjoy it before you miss the action.


FREE DL: Diplo’s “Express Yourself (Twerkcore Remix)”

 photo MochipetDiploEY_cover_zps0c981410.jpg
Do you really need to hear another mix of Diplo’s “Express Yourself”? If it’s made by Mochipet, then yes. This is his Twerkcore remix, so get those puppies out of their cases, spread their hind quarters and get to stepping. Keep on squeezing until it hurts/bursts.

FREE DL: Mochipet’s “Kaiju Pet”

 photo MochipetKP_cover_zps9850496c.jpg

Mochipet is apparently a fan of the film Pacific Rim, enough to where it influenced to put together a new song called “Kaiju Pet”. He said that he wasn’t a fan of the soundtrack, so he decided to create his own soundtrack of sorts. This is what happened. Good job, Mochipet.

FREE DL: DJ Sol Rising featuring Rasco’s “Around The Clock (Mochipet Remix)”

 photo DJSolRising_cover_zps1a4d9592.jpg
DJ Sol Rising teams up with Rasco of the Cali Agents, and what do you get? A damn good song in the form of “Around The Clock“.

Now let’s add to the equation.

How about we get Mochipet to do a remix of this song? OH SCHNITT! That’s right, “Around The Clock” has been remixed by Mochipet, and you can not only stream and listen, but download it for free. Click directly to the Soundcloud page and you’ll see the link to a “free download”. If you’re unable to click there, or just want to go directly to where you’re able to download it, then head to Bandcamp for the files.

AUDIO: The Bangerz & Mochipet’s “Mothership”

The Bangerz photo Bangerz_cover_zps116d3e1a.jpg
If you know Mochipet and/or his music, you know he has one of the greatest minds around, creating the type of music that should be massive but isn’t (but should be). That may change in his brand new collaboration with The Bangerz, who created “Mothership” for The Jabbawockeez, the dance crew that has been getting a lot of attention from their television show appearances, specifically the first season of America‚Äôs Best Dance Crew, which they won. The song comes from The Bangerz’s Jabbawockeez Prism soundtrack album, made for the dance crew’s tour presentation. Get on up and dance.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: The RZA’s “Built For This (Mochipet’s The Pet With The Iron Paw Remix)”

The Mochipet man is hard at work doing what he does best, and here’s a hot one. He has done a remix for “Built For This” by The RZA (or in truth, it’s credited as being by Method Man, Freddie Gibbs & Street Life) so Wu-Tang Clan fans, get ready for this one. Take a listen to it below and if you like it, it’s yours for free, courtesy of Mochipet himself.

(NOTE: In order to download the song, you’ll have to click a bit and eventually “like” a Facebook page. If you don’t want to go through all of that, you can go directly to this page.)