SOME STUFFS: Moka Only streams the first of twelve albums to be released in 2016

Moka Only is one of my favorite rappers right now and it’s for one simple reason: he makes some damn good music. I’ve posted him on my site over the years but you’ll be hearing a lot from him this year and the reason is simple: he will be releasing a new album every month, and that is a guarantee. Hell, he might throw in a EP sometime in between and he still has a Christmas project at the end of the year but let’s not rush things. It’s January so the first album of the year is what he has called Brutal, 13 tunes to get you going during any time of the day. The album was released this past weekend and with February only a few days away, prepare for what’s to come simply by listening and buying this.

SOME STUFFS: Moka Only unleashes a new Christmas CD

The one thing you can guarantee at the end of every year from Moka Only is a brand new Christmas album. Considering how much music he usually does throughout the year, it’s amazing that he makes time to do these but like The Beatles or Pearl Jam, he makes sure to give a little extra, a nice gift for those who remain fans and perhaps become a lure for those who aren’t yet, but may be after listening. Moka offers Martian XMAS 2015, you can stream it in full but definitely consider buying it. It’s festive but it’s more than just a holiday thing.

AUDIO: Illa J’s self-titled album (full stream)

Illa J is prepared to release a new album and he loved it so much, he named it after himself. It’s eponymous, which means it’s self-titled, which means it too is called Illa J, featuring appearances from Moka Only, Ivan Ave, and Kaytranada. Stream it in full above and if it moves you, pre-order it below through Bandcamp, which includes the vinyl pressing.

AUDIO: Illa J featuring Moka Only & Ivan Ave’s “All Good Pt. 2”

For this post, I have to make something clear first and foremost: this new song by Illa J features Moka Only. Yeah, that’s enough to say “I don’t want to read any more of your gibberish, I’m going to” but then I interrupt you and say “WAIT, MAN! THIS SONG ALSO HAS IVAN AVE!” You take a step back and offer a Keanu “whoa!”

The song will also appear on his self-titled debut album on Bastard Jazz, including a vinyl pressing, so pre-order a copy or 12 by clicking Bandcamp below. Go ahead.

VIDEO: Moka Only’s “Chicanery”

Moka Only’s Magical Weirdness is out right now and right now, he is revealing a video he did from it with director Stuey Kubrick called “Chicanery”, which has him digging for some reasons. For me, the highlight is when he makes a reference to his British Columbia (Canada) roots by offering a Chilliwack reference while subtly showing a bit of a Burnt Weeny Sandwich and a Rick James 12″ while also understanding the power of hitting a record store and to “hit the bottom for dollar treats”. Moka knows the deal, never underestimate his lyrical and musical wit.

VIDEO: Moka Only’s “No”

By the time the summer ends, Moka Only might have three new EP’s out with two more ready to end the year with. For the time being, he offers a video for “No” from his latest project Magickal Weirdness and if you know about that Moka “weirdness”, you will definitely love what you’re about to see. If you haven’t heard the song yet, then you shall enjoy what you’re about to hear, so don’t fear. The album is scheduled for release on July 17th.

SOME STUFFS: Moka Only is festive again with new Christmas album
It’s the most wonderful timne of the year, and that’s partially (maybe even primarily) because Moka Only has released a new holiday treasure. True to previous releases, this one is called Martian XMAS 2014 which features help from Illa J and A-Ro plus some songs produced by Julez Chaz. Wish him and everyone a festive holiday season, then show some supoort for Moka’s new project.

AUDIO: Moka Only finds himself on a new song by Femapco
While the song has them telling you how “You Lose”, Femapco is talking about something on another level and for thise song, he does so with the amazing Moka Only, and I don’t say amazing just to overly hype him, it’s because it’s the truth. The song is a part of Femapco’s forthcoming album North American Idol, which is a nice representation of Canadian hip-hop at its finest.

AUDIO: Spacesuits featuring LMNO, Moka Only & Mr. Brady’s “Spacesuits”
Spacesuits featuring LMNO, Moka Only & Mr. Brady will be releasing an album on October 14th simply called Spacesuits and whether they’ll be jumping in some or they want fans to get into their own is unknown at this time, but you can hear one of the songs they’d like for you to dance to and create hip-hop lyric hand gestures. Listen to their eponymous song and see how well Spacesuits featuring LMNO, Moka Only & Mr. Brady do with one another like brothers, no smothers. The album will be released on vinyl on October 14th, the day you’ll also be able to purchase it digitally as well.

SOME STUFFS: New Moka Only album leads him to take to the road for a bit
Moka Only released a new album two days ago called Sex Money Moka (review forthcoming) and he will be touring throughout Canada at the end of the month. If you like (if not love) his music, make sure to stop by and have a ball:

May 30… Guelph, ON (Biggies)
May 31… Toronto, ON (Nocturne)
June 1… Hamilton, ON (Club Absinthe)
June 2… London, ON (Soundbar)
June 3… Barrie, ON (Fox Lounge)
June 5… Thunder Bay, ON (Crocks)
June 8… Edmonton, AB (E Bar)
June 10… Calgary, AB (Overtime Sportsbar)
June 14… Vancouver, BC (Fortune Soundclub)