SOME STUFFS: Scorpions’ “Love At First Sting” gets remastered via Audio Fidelity

The Scorpions’ 1984 album Love At First Sting was not the first album by the band to get a boost in sales from the then-new MTV cable network (that honor was with Blackout and the video for “No One Like You”), but when it was released, the heavy rotation of “Rock You Like A Hurricane” turned the band from one of the great German metal bands of the 1970’s to a group who were now capable of having a bit of crossover pop success, made very clear with the release of “No One Like You”.

As per the norm, other tracks on the album would be put into rotation on rock radio upon release, but “Big City Nights” would get a bit of a boost when a live version was released as a video for the 1985 album World Wide Live. Nonetheless, their success with Love At First Sting helped them majorly for the rest of the decade and has helped them through modern times.

Kevin Gray and Momchil Zanev worked on the remaster for Audio Fidelity, and it can be pre-ordered below via Amazon before its October 2nd release.