VIDEO: Monogamy Party’s “Crimes”

In reference to the song in this Monogamy Party video, someone commented “It sounds like elephants fucking. I like it.” If that isn’t a reason to watch and listen, I don’t know what is but Monogamy Party released their False Dances album a few months ago (my review of which can be read by clicking here, and these Seattle punks want to be sure to manipulate the senses with their music, along with how they’re presented in video form. Now watch “Crimes” and have a blast, even if it’s within the confines of your chair. Emily Denton directed this for them.

Pacific Northwest residents will be able to see them perform in the next few weeks so Seattle and Portland, prepare to get blasted. Everyone within the vicinity or heading to these cities, show love. For the Seattle show, they’re doing a collaborative set, something both groups have done before that involves each band playing songs back and forth from one another before they unite and become one band.

November 20… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge) ☀
November 23… Portland, OR (Dante’s) ♫

☀ = MP/MTNS (collaborative set) w/ Nah, The Joint Chiefs Of Math
♫ = w/ Gaytheist, Sons Of Huns, Vultures In The Sky

SOME STUFFS: Monogamy Party’s “False Dancers” is streaming a week before release

Monogamy Party’s False Dancers (Good To Die) (my review of which can be read by clicking here) will be released on September 17th, but now you are able to stream it in full, free of cost.

The Seattle band will be having two record release shows in the next few days:
September 14… Seattle, WA (Chop Suey) *
September 17… Seattle, WA (Spin Cycle Records, all-ages in store)

* w/ Gaytheist, Haunted Horses

AUDIO: Monogamy Party’s “Ordinary Things”

 photo MonogamyParty_coverBIG_zps01515963.jpg
We’re only a few weeks away from September 17th, teh day Monogamy Party release their False Dancers album (my review of which can be read by clicking here), but you can have a listen to another song from it, being made available by Good To Die Records, and this one is called “Ordinary Things”. Is the song ordinary? No, and because of it, you may like it.

REVIEW: Monogamy Party’s “False Dancers”

 photo MonogamyParty_cover_zps40df0365.jpg Ruthless, messy, raunchy, deep-filled, loud, vulgar and awesome. All of these things, and also somehow remain… fun? That’s how Monogamy Party rock and twist into the hearts of their fans, and False Dancers (Good To Die) has the right amount of angst that will make you feel like the music is entering you so it can create a permanent itch.

The band’s approach is one that is very loud and in your face, doing things with the graces of punk but adding different structures and textures to make their point. At first I heard elements of Jane’s Addiction and Unsane, but I also heard Green River, which perhaps represents the band’s Seattle roots. But I also hear pinches of Hellcows, a great Portland band from the 1980’s who were all about noise, rock, punk, and twisted forms of jazz. There’s even a horn (is it a trombone or a vuvuzela?) in “Ashamed” that sounds out of place at first, but as the guitar blares in the background and the bass just drives everything home, the unexpected becomes a part of the atmosphere and everything is good. At times, False Dancers sounds like it was recorded in Chicago in the mid to late 80’s, but what these guys are able to do with what they have is create little bursts, or arrogant ditties that are meant to be enjoyed in minute form and then bail out to move on to the next song. A wonderful album.

(False Dancers is scheduled for release on September 17th.)

AUDIO: Monogamy Party’s “Ashamed”

 photo MonogamyParty_old_zpscb9ddab8.jpg
Seattle’s Monogamy Party have an album coming out in September, and one of the songs (“Ashamed”) was premiered yesterday at Verbicide Magazine. Now you’re able to listen to it here. The song will appear on their forthcoming album, False Dancers (Good To Die), which will be released on vinyl in two color variations: standard black and a color-to-be-determined.

Those in Seattle will be able to experience them in a live setting in three variations:
September 7… Live on KEXP’s Audioasis (radio broadcast)
September 14… Seattle, WA (Chop Suey; Record Release Show) @
September 17… Seattle, WA (Spin Cycle Records in-store; Record Release Day! FREE All-ages)

@ w/ Gaytheist, Haunted Horses

The rest of the west coast will be able to see them in October, tour dates forthcoming.

SOME STUFFS: Gaytheist make an appearance on “Good Band Is Good” podcast

 photo Gaytheist_old_zps69d67e29.jpg
Portland’s Gaytheist stopped by the Banana Stand Media studios to sit down and take part in the Good band Is Good music podcast, also Portland based. You may stream & listen or download it below.

The band’s latest album Hold Me…But Not So Tight (Good To Die) was released today (my review of which can be read by clicking here and they already have some shows planned tomorrow (Wednesday, May 22nd) and some other shows scheduled for June. Take a look:
May 22… Portland, OR (White Owl Social Club) (Hold Me… Release Show) $
June 1… Tacoma, WA (New Frontier) (Hold Me… Release Show) @
June 7… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge) (Hold Me… Release Show) %
June 21… Calgary, Alberta (Sled Island Music Festival @ Tubby Dog) #
June 22… Calgary, Alberta (Sled Island Music Festival @ Palomino) (part of the Good to Die showcase)
July 27… Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill Block Party)

$ w/ Red Fang
@ w/ Argonaut
% w/ Monogamy Party, Glose, Android Hero
# w/ Javelin + Guests

REVIEW: Gaytheist’s “Hold Me (But Not So Tight)”

Gaytheist photo GaytheistHM_cover_zps4755bccc.jpg With their debut album, I tended to think that Gaytheist mixed up a nice chunk of metal with their style of garage punk. With Hold Me (But Not So Tight) (Good To Die), this Portland trio are still incredibly heavy but I hear much more sleazy punk this time around, and I tend to like/prefer it that way. Or maybe that’s all in my head.

I think what I hear a lot more of is that bastard energy that comes from playing and rocking out for the fuck of it, reminiscent of a lot of Seattle music from the mid-to-late 1980’s, in fact I found myself comparing some of the tracks on this album to the disgusting grooves of Green River, but more tightly put together. What I love about this new album is that these songs (12 in total) come and go at a rapid page, and I found myself having to look at where I was at in the album. “Spread ‘Em” may or may not be about the pleasures of the anus, but these guys play as solid as Anthrax, Hüsker Dü, or Slayer, or at least use that type of musicality during the bridges of the songs, pretty much as passages to get you from here to there in slightly unexpected ways. Gaytheist are even more defiant, and if there were any fears about what and how they make their music, this release have made them disappear.

(Hold Me (But Not So Tight) will be released on May 21st. The band have a small handful of shows following the release:
May 22… Portland, OR (White Owl Social Club) *
June 1… Tacoma, WA (New Frontier) @
June 7… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge) #
June 8… Seattle, WA (KSUB — In-Studio Performance)

* w/ Red Fang
@ w/ Argonaut
# w/ Monogamy Party