AUDIO: Monomyth’s “Re:Lease Life (Place 2 Go)”

Monomyth photo Monomyth_old_zpsmzlxv5rg.jpg
A month ago, I stated Mint Records will be releasing the second album from Monomyth on November 4th called Happy Pop Family and now you’re getting a chance to hear another song from it. This one is titled “Re:Lease Life (Place 2 Go)”, maybe it will take you to a new place of enjoyment.

VIDEO: Monomyth’s “Patsy”

Patsy – MONOMYTH from Seth Smith on Vimeo.

Mint Records are prepared for any and all pre-orders concerning the release of Monomyth’s debut album Saturnalia Regalia! (complete with exclamation point) and right now, they want to share with you the first video made for it called “Patsy”. As for its rupturous content, you can blame director Seth Smith for this. To pre-order the album in a number of different formats, head over to Mint Records.

SOME STUFFS: Out of Halifax and into the world, welcome Monomyth

They’re called Monomyth, a band out of Halifax, Nova Scotia who have already recorded, mixed, and mastered their brand new album. It’s called Saturnalia Regalia! (note exclamation point), to be released by Mint Records on July 22nd, and you’re getting a chance to listen to a song from it called “Candleholder”. Saturnalia Regalia! is their debut album but they’ve also released a 7″ and a few cassettes, and not only do they think they’re ready to be heard, they know they want to be heard. Let them rock into your heart with opem arms.