VIDEO: Mother Feather’s “Mother Feather”

In my pre-teen years, I watched the early years of MTV and liked it when an artist made a video for a song named after themselves, which was released on the album of the same name. Examples included Icehouse with “Icehouse” from their album Icehouse, Visage made a song from their Visage album called “Visage”, and then there was Iron Maiden, who didn’t make promotional videos yet, just concert videos but it was for the song “Iron Maiden” from the album Iron Maiden. It was nerdy ridiculousness but that nerdish tendencies continue in 2015 by a band who call themselves Mother Feather. To make it more interesting, the song in question was also produced by Mother Feather but no one in the group is named Mother, Feather, Fother, or Meather. They consist of Ann Courtney, Elizabeth Carena, Matt Basile, Chris Foley, and Gunnar Olsen, who like to play a bit of dress-up to bring their music to the forefront and regardless of what they title their songs or albums, they really make some good music and I hope you’ll become a believer as well. Isaiah King put this video together for the band, and the full length album will be out very soon. You can order the single below.