OPINION: MP3’s an alternative for drugs? Welcome to i-dosing

Scholar Man made this link available in a recent Tweet and I had to pass this along. It comes from today’s Washington Post in an article written by Monica Heese about a new phenomenon… well, a mini-phenomenon that will no doubt move a generation of youth to overdose on this “drug”. But it’s not a drug, but rather sound. Click the video.


The claim is that if you download audio and specific software from i-doser.com, you are able to have “binaural brain doses”. Unfortunately, it’s similar to Kanye West speeding up songs and making it into a brand new production technique. Truth is, speeding up sound to create “chipmunk funk” isn’t a technique, it goes back to the days when everyone had records and we wanted to play it from 33 to 45 or 78. As for this “audio high”, it’s nothing more than creating music in a fashion that sounds like it will take you on a mental trip, but it’s really a mixture of production techniques that have been done since the dawn of stereophonic audio.

Which leads me to this. Does this mean if today’s kids want an old school guy, they will raid thrift stores and find old stereo bongo albums from 1961? Or even better, will they discover the joys of quadraphonic or 5.1 surround sound and have audio orgies? Will people go to The Last Airbender with blindfolds, and just simply trip out on the sound? Think of the possibilities. Maybe this is the hook surround sound fans have been waiting for. Oh, if Frank Zappa lived long enough to see this.

i-dosing. Remember friends, if you don’t want to go overboard with your music, just take half a tab, or in this case, an 8-bit mono MP3 at 96kbps, thank you.

ARTICLE OF INTEREST: P2P study – Music crackdown is bad for business

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This is an article posted by Bob Lefsetz in his newsletter about the current state of the music business. It basically says the music business has been struggling for years since the rise of illegal downloads and P2P sharing. No secret there. But the article goes on to say that the industry needs to find a way to make money again, rather than continue to lose.

Opinion: at times it seems the industry went downhill when the industry became more about units and not the actual music. Hard to sell music when your staff knows nothing about what it’s selling. MP3’s only accelerated the obvious.

It has lead to “buying the product for music” vs. “buying the music” and these days more people don’t care about the product, they just want “the music”. But how do you sell “music” when it’s readily available? In my reviews and everywhere I go, I encourage people to show support by buying vinyl, CD’s, or MP3’s. There’s a different mentality going on and the industry is trying to go backward in order to go forward, realizing that that is impossible. The future is here and the industry is, in many ways, irrelevant.

Anyway, read the article and see where you stand in this manner.

FREE MP3 Download: Gamehenge 09 (Phish tribute)

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The notorious jam band Phish once recorded a project about 20 years ago called Gamehenge, which was on some trippy vibe of who knows what. Fans of the band know that while the group never released a recording of it, they did perform the album in full a small handful of times, five to be exact. As with many musical projects, people have made Gamehenge something worth talking about and holding to a bright light, and now a group of “sound artists” have contributed to a tribute album that honors the album in full.

It’s called Gamehenge 09, and the album features 100 different artists creating the album into an 82 minute mini-masterpiece. It may sound like a trippy concept, and that’s because IT IS. Some Phish Heads may not get it, but I’m sure a lot of them didn’t get it when they performed “Big Pimpin'” and “99 Problems” with Jay-Z either.

Nonetheless, the 222mb download of the full Gamehenge 09 can be downloaded through this link, courtesy of LittleFuryThings.net.

While the download is free, the producers of the album are asking for a $5-10 donation to be sent to Explore Charter School’s (Brooklyn) trip fund.

FREE MP3 Download: DJ Ian Head and Verbal Math dip into the Dolla Bin

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DJ Ian Head continues to make new mixes and tracks, and this time out he hooks up with Verbal Math and together they are Dolla Bin, in honor of those bins at record stores and conventions where sometimes the goods are the cheapest finds.

Together they created an album called Styles You Can’t Afford and the great thing is that they’re offering it for free. Head over to the DollaBin.com website and download it there.