AUDIO: Muneshine featuring Fresh Daily & ELMNT’s “Life Goes On”

Hip-hop used to have a fascination with summer-oriented songs, and “Life Goes On” by Muneshine definitely sounds like a song you’d turn up either when the heat is on or when the moonlight is about to take over, which means it would also be perfect as the fall comes around. Muneshine is joined by ELMNT and Fresh Daily for this. Muneshine’s In Transit album is out now.


REVIEW: D-Sisive’s “No More Words” / “If…” (single)

Photobucket It’s sad when you don’t realize one is killing themselves until after the fact. For me, I thought this was just another release from one of my favorite Canadian MC’s, D-Sisive, who at times is hard to keep up with because he had been releasing a lot of music, especially in 2010. Little did I know that these two songs would end up being his last.

First off, the man behind D-Sisive is not dead, but if a recent Tweet is any indication, he will be putting D-Sisive to rest, at least for the time being. Had I taken the cover for his new single to heart, I would have determined what he was doing. If he’s using Jim Jones as a clue, then he’s offering fans a cup of Kool-Aid with this. In fact, he has been dropping hints for awhile, but did not realize it would lead to… this.

“No More Words” is basically D-Sisive giving off a eulogy, with references to the last episode of The Sopranos and other people and things that offed themselves, and while not a particularly sad song, it’s one about parting ways. “If…” has him speaking about the possibilities of what might happen if certain people in hip-hop did certain things. Would people truly listen, and if someone else did them, how come people aren’t a willing ear? Trust me, D-Sisive, I can relate to this all too well, and yet if people like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and whom D- calls Fakon did them, they would be considered revolutionary. Meanwhile, those who have pushed themselves for years are ignored just because they’re on radio, TV, or on every blog.

It’s difficult to listen to a man who is, at least theoretically, killing himself softly in his song. Word has it that once he pulls the trigger, he will simplfy and become Derek From Northcliffe (Derek is his first name). Maybe he has pulled the trigger and we’re hearing the aftermath. Maybe he has always been Derek From Northcliffe and he is finally removing his mask. Maybe D-Sisive is simply turning his Rubik’s Cube to show another technique towards inevitable completion, which means death. So many twists to go, and he may know how to finish it. He’s not about to do it just yet, he’s in total control. Whatever D-Sisive chooses to do, with or without masks, I hope he still creates great music.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: D-Sisive’s “No More Words”/”If…”

D-Sisive is always thinking about doing things in a unique manner, and he recently recorded an album with production by Muneshine. “No More Words” and “If…” are being passed along to fans and you can download both songs for free by clicking here, both with complimentary instrumentals.

D-Sisive will be releasing another album on November 28th called Jonestown.2:Jimmy Go Bye Bye, and it will be available for free. Stay tuned.

SOME STUFFS: Muneshine & Saint are now The Residents (but not The Residents)

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From Toronto you have Muneshine.

From Long Island, New York you have Saint.

Together, they are The Residents, and when they released the album Open House in Japan last year, fans of both of them were wondering when it was going to come out stateside. Through Domination Recordings, they are making the album available as a free download. Open House features Rob Swift, Understanding, Edo G., Cadence and Ohmega Watts among others.

You can download it by going here.

Keep in mind that the hip-hop duo known as The Residents have nothing to do with the well known San Francisco-via-Louisiana avant-garde band who have been around since 1969.
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There is a slight tie-in, since the cover art for Open House seems to be based on the homes from the intro to the 1980’s ABC sitcom, Full House, which was based in San Francisco:
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SOME STUFFS: D-Sisive dares you take a sip… of his new album

As people are getting ready to celebrate the holiday season, D-Sisive is offering something else for consumption in the form of a drink. He has the sugar packets and the sugar, and perhaps the right type of water to make his drink effective. But how effective is it, and will you be brave enough to take a drink, knowing what has happened before?

He makes a bold move with the release of his brand new album called Jonestown (URBNet), which he’s making available as a free download on his website at right now. The album is said to be a throwback to what D-Sisive was known for in the 90’s, with productions from Moss, Anonymous Twist, Muneshine, Murr, Marco Polo, 9th Uno, and Shinogo.

I guess the real question is, what does Jonestown have to do with things? What exactly is the juice his fans will be consuming, or is it a metaphor for hip-hop, and what people have been drinking foolishly for the last ten years? Get your cups ready.

(Mahalo nui to D-Sisive himself for the correction on the release date. If you are in Toronto, there will be an album release party (a “massacre” if you will) on Thursday, November 26th at The Drake Underground (1150 Queen Street W.) in Toronto. $5 at the door, 19 and older. Doors open at 9pm, show scheduled to start at 10pm.)

REVIEW: D-Sisive’s “Let The Children Die”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic This album has been out for awhile but I wasn’t able to get to it until now, but here I am. D-Sisive is one of the more spirited and gifted MC’s out there today and each time he comes out with a new project, he takes it to new levels which makes him someone you either want to go on the journey with, or wait until you’re ready. On Let The Children Die he steps out of his comfort zone to explore other worlds, topics, and… basically the guy steps way out and takes everything in like a sponge, just like hip-hop at its best. The album is a diary of sorts, or at least a diary in context of the album, and it’s someone who at times gets quite dark in tone while creating anthemic tracks and head-nodders whose topics aren’t what you’d normally hear in the genre. He is an explorer, and whether he meets up with Dora, Muneshine, Conscience, Guilty Simpson, or Buck 65, he brings them on his individual trips and ends up making his journeys all that more unique and special.

It’s quality hip-hop, that’s all you need to know.