REVIEW: Museum Mouth’s “Alex I Am Nothing”

 photo MuseumMouth_cover_zps8df9e810.jpg Museum Mouth are a trio that sound like a band who want to record a raw-sounding demo, decided to call it an album but didn’t want to mess up what they were able to achieve. In other words, the music on Alex I Am Nothing (Self Aware) still sounds as raw as a demo and is meant to, so you get to hear the energy and thrill of hearing what these guys want to do and how they want to be heard. They sing with different accents that are most likely partly native to where they’re from, or also a way to make an emphasis on the lyrics to be heard, and you get to understand them a bit more. The emphasis is deliberate, so if it’s a song about a romance broken apart and it makes you feel isolated, join them, dig yourself your own graveyard and taste the dirt together. Then find a sparkle of something better by finding others who believe in you and what you do and/or are. The final mix sounds as if things are brickwall limited, which helps make the guitars and bass more distorted than they should be. While in normal circumstances I woud not like it, it appeals to me here. I also like how some of the riffs in “Strange” sound close to that in Ace Frehley’s “Ozone”, not sure if it was an influence but the indirect connection was welcome. We may not know who Alex is in the album title, but Alex I Am Nothing will hopefully be a message that will lead to other messages from this group.

(The vinyl pressing of Alex I Am Nothing can be ordered by clicking here.)

SOME STUFFS: Museum Mouth understand why you are “Sexy But Not Happy”

Museum Mouth are a band who were known for their noisy distorted shit, and good shit it was. They maintain all of that chaos in something a bit more refined, which for some might mean “oh, they’re trying to make hit songs” but really, are you making anything worth listening to? Maybe not, but Museum Mouth are work listening to, especially today as they just released an album called Sexy But Not Happy.

What does the title mean? Not sure, but I think we as adults may want to think sexy, or do things sexy, but we become so flummoxed that we end up being as innocent as this kid.

Some of the music on this album is anything but innocent, but you may hear them with wide eyes, so take a chance.

Museum Mouth- Kitchen Floor from Museum Mouth on Vimeo.