BLOG OF INTEREST: revamped for 1.1.11


If you’ve looked around on my site or check my Twitter and Facebook pages, you will have seen links to a very cool music blog called The website is the brainchild of Ericka Simone, whose love of music is expressed in the people she works with/for and the content on her website. However, not content with the things as is, she and are about to take things to the next level beginning on the 1st of January, 2011.

If the URL isn’t a hint, allow me to explain. Ericka loves music, she geeks out in the same way Anthony Bourdain geeks out about finding a prime cut of his favorite meat. She gets nerdy because there’s a confidence in her work that comes from an understanding of the music she listens to, a willingness to listen to not only what’s there, but what may be hidden. Music Nerdery represents the music nerd in you and all of us, and she welcomes any and all to pay a visit. The website is active now, so head there, browse, and make it a part of your daily web surfing routine. Then follow her on Twitter at @MusicNerdery or @EmpressEricka.