SOME STUFFS: clipping. offer some Halloween goodness

If you’re a fan of clipping., you’ll definitely want to check this out, even if you’re not exactly in the Halloween spirit. Two of its members are doing their own project to show how they like pumpkins and goblins, or something like that. William Hutson takes a look at some of those old Halloween sound effects albums and greats something on the avant-garde side which he has called “Spectralities”. This was made for DIY Haunts and he made it himself, now he’s presenting it to you and all.

The other piece is from Jonathan Snipes, who collaborated with Lawrence Klein, the man who made clipping.’s “Loud” video. Together they put together for Trial Run, which is being called a “horror short” so if you’re into the morbid, decaying or just outright dead, feast into its flesh, or at least a sliver, a bite of what’s to come by watching the trailer for it.

AUDIO: Depletion’s “Null Data II”

If something left of left of center is what you desire, you may want to check out an adventurous project from Depletion, which is described as “lo-fi tracks using various analog synths, electronics, tape-loops, effects, objects” and a nice slice of “etc.” For those who want it, it’s only cassette but only 30 cassettes are being made, each on a Chrome (CR02) tape. For more information, send an e-mail to holbrook1834 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

SOME STUFFS: Negativland get anti-holy on forthcoming album

 photo Negativland_old_zpsaf3651b2.jpg
You may not have heard from Negativland in awhile but after a six year sabbatical, they’re back with a new album called It’s All In Your Head (Seeland), which touches on religious beliefs and disbeliefs. In fact, the album will be packaged in an actual bible and programmed to sound like a radio show. It brings together old media, new media, and of course dead media, how you choose to apply it is up to you. The album will be released on October 28th but you’ll be able to see how it works out in a live setting when they play in the Pacific Northwest very soon:

August 29… Portland, OR (Crystal Ballroom)
August 31… Seattle, WA (Bumbershoot)

Negativland – It’s All In Your Head (Album Trailer) from Negativland on Vimeo.

SOME STUFFS: Blaring noise from Cleveland in two fold from Leo Brochu

 photo LeoBrochu_covers_zps8071debe.jpg
Leo Brochu has come out with two noise projects in recent weeks, and would like to let everyone know about it. L’ingénieur aimait trop les chiffres only features two tracks at about six minutes each, and each sound as if a distorted cassette deck was mic’d inside of a basement as he went digging around. Heuristic Analog Rental Meat is a 3-track EP with a number of found sounds and noise that will go in your mind and never escape, so you’ll want to turn it down before playing… or not.

Both are available for free, downloadable in FLAC lossless or MP3’s, via Bandcamp below.

FREE MP3 DL: Extreme Volume Pop’s “Never Was, Never Is, Never Shall Be”

 photo ExtremeVolumePop_cover_zps76717f9e.jpg
Unreleased until two years after the fact, Never Was, Never Is, Never Shall Be is a 5-track mega-burst of noise/harsh-noise, which means you’ll want to turn this down very much before pressing play. The album includes a massive 25-minute clusterfuck “Never Is”, which is sure to throw you out of your house or apartment immediately. The entire album is available as a free download.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Arrington de Dionyso “Unheard Indonesia Volume Three: The Lalove of Central Sulawesi”

 photo ArringtondeDionyso_coverSML_zps49be5d32.jpg The adventures continue with the magnificent Arrington de Dionyso offering a brand new album that is a part of his Unheard Indonesia series. This one is volume three and is subtitled The Lalove of Central Sulawesi, featuring the kind of twisted logic and possibly-complex songs, along with natural sounds that may motivate you to explore the beautiful outdoors.

If you would like to hear some of his other creations, browse through his official Bandcamp page.

REVIEW: C. Spencer Yeh/Okkyung Lee/Lasse Marhaug’s “Wake Up Awesome”

 photo CSpencerYehWUA_cover_zpse01baaf4.jpg With Okkyung Lee already having made one of my favorite albums of 2013, her participation in a project with Lasse Marhaug and C. Spencer Yeh has resulted in something satisfying on a completely different level. Wake Up Awesome (Mexican Summer) is a combination of real instrumentation, electronic fuckery and found-sound to where you’re unsure when Lee may be fiddling with her cello strings or if someone is moving magnetic tape over a head or digitally messing up any form of input. The tracks go in and out, left to right, forwards and backwards and whatever other direction (or non-direction it wants, and I love the feeling of something feeling so uncontrolled and yet that has to do with trusting the musicians/artists involved and saying “go for it”. For those who love their experimental/avant-garde sounds to be unpredictably everywhere, this is for you.

FREE MP3 DL: Avant-Larde’s “Riot Interrupted

 photo AvantLard_cover_zpscdcc7ba1.jpg
Twisted sounds from various sources, be it from radio, television, or created from scratch. Avant-Larde’s Riot Interrupted features 40 tracks ranging from the extremely loud to the disgustingly distorted with such titles as “The Next Piece of Garbled Nonsense You Try and Pass off as Conversation is going to get you thrown off a bridge”, “Local Hip Hop is a JOKE”, “If You Cover One More Song, I’ll Kill You With Your Own Guitar”. Stream it in full below, or head to to download the entire album.

FREE MP3 DL: Ink Jet Travolta’s self-titled EP

 photo InkJetTravolta_cover_zpscc05d64d.jpg
Imagine going through your own VHS tapes and just extracting your favorite audio highlights and memories. Or maybe you went to a thrift store and found a box full of random VHS or Beta tapes and you want to know what kind of adventures you may be able to find on it. The video may be funny, but it’s the audio that you want the most. Ink Jet Travolta represents an audio collage of long lost and forgotten images, everything from odd commercials and jingles to kung fu movies. This is a new EP released by Galactic Intolerance and goes back to the days when recording your TV with a cassette deck was one of the best lo-fi things you can do. Or go directly to the description for this EP:
Ink Jet Travolta is what happens when VHS tapes, circuit bent pedals, Star Wars, and The Smudge get caught in the copier at work.

To hear the adventures, head to to download it in full, or stream it below before choosing to take the sounds elsewhere.

SOME STUFFS: Vision Stains publishes “Æon” on cassette

 photo VisionStairs_cover_zps8701a82f.jpg
41 minutes and 21 seconds of certain and uncertain sounds can be heard on the new album by Vision Stains. Æon is a mixture of field recordings and musique concrete, very much of an experimental and avant-garde nature. The album is also available on cassette through Bookend Recordings, which you may find out about ordering by clicking the Bandcamp page for the release.
 photo VisionStains_tapes_zpsffe7b51e.jpg