SOME STUFFS: Bambara moves release date of forthcoming album, announce more shows for late winter/early spring tour

Bambara photo Bambara_old_zpsiizlqjm6.jpg
There was some good news reported last week about the new album by Bambara but now there’s a small bit of bad news, and it’s only a small bit. Originally they were going to release Swarm (Arrowhead) on March 4th but they have pushed it to another month, so rub out that date and replace it with April 1st.

In that article posted last week, I also showed how they’ll be at this year’s SXSW and now they’ve released more dates for their tour, including more specifics about where they’ll be at SXSW. Please take a glance:

February 25… Brooklyn, NY (Palisades (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW)) 🗿
March 12… Atlanta, GA (The 529) 🎅
March 13… Savannah, GA (Starlandia Supply) 🐰
March 15… Austin, TX (SXSW, Vegas Hotel, Dull Tools Day Party (4:15 PM))
March 16… Austin, TX (SXSW, Wonderland – Day Party) (TBA)
March 16… Austin, TX (SXSW, Scratchhouse – Riot Act Media Official Showcase (1:00 AM))
March 19… Austin, TX (SXSW, Side Bar – Athens Intensified Party (4:00 PM))
March /21… Memphis, TN (Murphy’s) 🎃
March 22… Birmingham, AL (The Firehouse) (accompanying acts TBA)
March 23… Nashville, TN (DRK MATTR) (accompanying acts TBA)
March 24… St. Louis, MO (Foam) (accompanying acts TBA)
March 25… Chicago, IL (Club Rectvm) 🌱
March 26… Detroit, MI (TBA)
March 27… Toronto, ON (Smiling Buddha) (accompanying acts TBA)
March 28… Buffalo, NY (Glitterbox) 👰
March 29… Brooklyn, NY (St. Vitus) 🐶

🗿 = w/ The Men, Pill, Hubble
🎅 = w/ Guerilla Toss, Muuy Biien
🐰 = w/ Grimsel
🎃 = w/ Creepoid
🌱 = w/ ONO
👰 = w/ Alpha Hopper
🐶 = w/ Yak

SOME STUFFS: Bambara to release new album before heading to Austin for SXSW

 photo Bambara_old_zpsiizlqjm6.jpg
If you’re a fan of Bambara, I have some very good news for you:

1) The band have recorded, mixed, and mastered an album called Swarm (Arrowhawk) and it will be released very soon: March 4th. You can pre-order it now directly from the label.

2) The Brooklyn band will have an album release show a week before its release at Palisades, and will be joined by Hubble, Pill, and The Men. They then will show a show in Atlanta in March while on their way towards Austin, Texas for this year’s SXSW. Check your coordinates:

February 25… Brooklyn, NY (Palisades) @
March 12… Atlanta, GA (529) $
March 15-19… Austin, TX (SXSW)

@ = w/ The Men, Pill, Hubble
$ = w/ Guerilla Toss, Muuy Biien

RECORD CRACK: Mexican Slang to release 7″ at end of the month as they tour in the east

Mexican Slang photo MexicanSlang_old_zpsaclg8ivl.jpg
“Fever” is a single by Mexican Slang that they’ll be releasing as a 7″ on March 28th, so you can listen to it below. Also below are some shows they have scheduled this month, so take out that change from your couch and buy a ticket or two.

March 11… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) Ƶ
March 12… Philadelphia, PA (Kung-Fu Necktie) ƾ
March 13… Richmond, VA (Circle Thrift) ǣ
March 15… Atlanta, GA (The Earl) Ƕ
March 16… Birmingham, AL (Below at Doghead) ȣ
March 21… Austin, TX (Sledge Hammer SXSW showcase) Ϡ
March 23… Nashville, TN (Pussy Palace) ϣ
March 24… Cincinnati, OH (The Comet) Ѩ
March 28… Toronto, ON (S.H.I.B.G.B’S) ⓾

Ƶ = w/ Sleepies, Lodro, Crosss, bbigpigg
ƾ = w/ Seismic Thrust, Crosss, Crime Hands
ǣ = w/ Crosss
Ƕ = w/ Dirty Fences, Boytoy, Sheer Mag
ȣ = w/ Crosss, Muuy Biien
Ϡ = w/ Bad Breeding, Solids, HSY, Pinecones, Crosss
ϣ = w/ Ttotals
Ѩ = w/ Swim Team, Leggy
⓾ = w/ The Ukiah Drag, Moss Lime

You can listen to “Fever” below via Bandcamp.