COVERED: Isaac Hayes vs. Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso

This one I noticed a few weeks ago, and with the two new installments of Covered I posted tonight, I was reminded of this. Isaac Hayes released a double album in 1971 called Black Moses, which was released four months after his soundtrack to the movie Shaft. Hayes was high and mighty with popularity during this time, so naturally people flocked to Black Moses to see and hear what he would do next.

Last week, production duo Blue Sky Black Death and rapper Nacho Picasso released an album through Bandcamp called Exalted. When I saw the cover, I immediately thought of Black Moses. A few of you may be looking at this and going “I don’t see it”. Here’s the deal.

When you bought the original double album for Hayes’ Black Moses, its gatefold cover would unfold with four more panels, revealing the shape of a cross, with Hayes showing himself as a holy man. What Nacho Picasso has done was pay homage to this cover by doing the same thing, but adding a few new graphics while retaining the suggested power of the original. In Nacho’s case, he simply applied his face to the actual Hayes cover, as the hands, rope, and belt are exactly that of Hayes.


Nonetheless, for fans of laid back hip-hop that’s loose and funky, perhaps with a slight Lil’ Wayne vibe with a pinch of Divine Styler and Big Gipp, but done with a Seattle mindstate, you’ll like Exalted.