AUDIO: George Getson featuring Nahkim’s “Lean”

Meet George Getson has George Getson getting the word out about his album before it hits ears and faces on April 27th, and another word and song for you is “Lean”, which brings in Nahkim into the soundscape. Enjoy them both and if you’re moved enough by the song, consider buying it below via Amazon.

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VIDEO: Nahkim featuring George Getson’s “Click Clack (On Yo Bitch Ass)”

As a journalist, I’m told to check out new music, songs, artists, and videos, and usually it’s the direct method: “please post this”. I don’t post everything that I receive, I don’t want this website to be packed with every single piece of music that I may not like. I decided to check this out and there’s a reason why I’m posting it. I’m really feeling this song, as they speak about wanting to make that money, requesting about 100G or more, but realizing you have to do much more than that to get more than that. In other words, the aggression may lead you to say “Click Clack (On Yo Bitch Ass)” but that’s not a direct means to say “I’m going to kill someone for that money”. You want to attack the BS that has been given or forced upon you, you’re going to attack that mentality. This sounds like what would happen if someone had taken some Usher track and said “fuck Usher, I’m gonna click clack on his bitch ass” but you have to listen to why. He goes by the name of Nahkim, who along with George Getson create this song that might help a lot of hip-hop enthusiasts make it through the fall and into the holiday season. This is a nice track about the click clack. More, please.