REVIEW: Naïm Amor’s “Hear the Walls”

Naïm Amor photo NaimAmor_cover_zpshq0u2lsq.jpg It had taken awhile for me to listen and finally review this album but I have to day this, Hear The Walls (Fort Lowell) is easily one of the best albums I’ve heard in quite some time. I’m not saying this because this label has released some incredible music in the last few years, although that’s part of the reason too. What I like is just being able to hear a set of music that sounds like it was written from the heart, played with a passion and done in a way that simply feels natural, without the struggle to try to be what it is not. Amor’s approach is direct and to the point, no filtering of any kind. You hear him with a microphone and a guitar, accompanied by friends and associates making music for the cause of simply playing. In a song like “Over The Miles” it feels like you may have written the same words in your mind, but never made the commitment to write it on paper. Now you can hear it:
Over the miles and the rainbow up high
things fall apart, right in time

Over the ride and the bow of my mind
Thigsn fall back in place right in time

The songs are wonderful journeys that bounce back and forth between the past, concerns of the present and the hopes of what good may come in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Hear The Walls is a life album, if there can be such a thing, but when it feels like they are words from your life, you have to let people know why this music matters to you.

SOME STUFFS: Tracy Shedd’s fifth album ready for release

 photo TracySheddAZ_cover_zps1c068b80.jpg
Arizona is the forthcoming fifth album from Tracy Shedd, and this time she is working with New Granada Records for the release. The 13-track album features 11 original Shedd songs along with her cover of Sonic Youth’s “Teenage Riot” and Magnetic Fields’ “Candy”. Outside of it being her fifth album, it is Shedd’s first all-acoustic album and will feature contributions from Howe Gelb, Ivan Howard, Denison Witmer, and Naïm Amor.

Pre-orders for the vinyl and CD pressings are happening right now. Only 500 copies of the LP will be pressed, all on white vinyl to match with the cover art. Vinyl pressing can be ordered here, compact disc can be ordered there. November 12th is the scheduled day of release, but you may listen to one of its songs (“Broken Arrows”) right now.