VIDEO: Nardwuar vs. ?uestlove (2013)

As you should know by know, Nardwuar The Human Serviette isn’t afraid to ask the right questions at the right times, because the man is a mad researcher. When ?uestlove paid a visit to Vancouver, British Columbia, most likely to see Prince do a performance or two or something, he was asked by Nardwuar for an interview. They had spoken before, and it was a chance to get reacquainted. Little did ?uest know what Nardwuar had in store. It was enough to turn this into a 46 minute video. Have a look.

REVIEW: Nardwuar The Human Serviette & The Evaporators present “Busy Doing Nothing”

Photobucket There is now a generation that knows Nardwuar The Human Serviette for nothing but his hilarious and very informative interviews of everyone from Snoop Dogg to Lady Gaga, but long time fans will know Nardwuar not only for his radio shows and articles, but for his record label and the awesome music has has made with his band The Evaporators. Busy Doing Nothing (Mint) is a brand new album featuring new music by The Evaporators, along with music from his music friends and of course, you can’t have a Nardwuar product without having one interview segment.

Nardwuar has always been a champion of powerful music, and he’s not just a casual fan, but he shows his love by interviewing his favorite artists and influences. Whenever possible, he’ll also get The Evaporators going and they’ll play together with some of them. Busy Doing Nothing features some great new songs by The Evaporators, including the Cheak Trick-flavored “I Hate Being Late When I’m Early”, and if “Hot Dog High” (which features Sage Francis, Xaul Zan & Megan Barnes doesn’t become an anthem, it should. It’ll remind some of the days when you were able to go to punk shows and explore your favorite pits, or those wacky teen camp movies that were basic cable staples. There are also a number of collaborations and covers that come off like going through random thrift stores or deep record collections to see what happens when you bring an old song to life.

Hearing Kate Nash cover Cub‘s “My Chinchilla” and makes it sound as new as it did back then, but if there’s one choice for ultimate cover, it has to be Fuad & The Feztones‘ cover of The Evaporators anthem, the almighty “Welcome To My Castle”. The song may only have four words (essentially, the song title repeated over and over) but to hear it done in a way that may make you want to shag is just brilliant. Let’s just say if those fuckers in The Mummies were bowed down to Nardwuar with respect, this is what it might sound like if they entered a proper recording studio.

Other highlights include The Cribs covering The Dishrags‘ “Death In The Family” and Franz Ferdinand doing a Canadian punk rock gem, Pointed Sticks‘ “Real Thing”. The album closes with an interview between Nardwuar & Franz Ferdinand.

On top of that, Busy Doing Nothing also includes a 40-page calendar of classic Canadian punk rock photos from the 1970’s, with full album credits and some informative liner notes, which for many is what brought people to Nardwuar’s geeky genius in the first place. His love of music and all that is Canadian is very deep, and all of these things and more are celebrated with this comp. Let me just say that if major labels worked with the passion that Nardwuar The Human Serviette has shared with fans and fellow music junkies for so many years, the world would be a much better place. Put on your knitted touke and ROCK!

Doot doo!

(You can order the album on vinyl directly from Nardwuar himself by clicking here. MP3’s can be ordered from the Amazon link below.)