AUDIO: Jhene Aiko featuring NatStar’s “My Afternoon Dream (Remix)”

Jhene Aiko makes her debut here at, you may have seen references to her in a number of blogs or came across her songs. You come across here with “My Afternoon Dream”, this one presented in a remix featuring rapper NatStar. Part of her vocal track sounds off the beat, but maybe that’s me and maybe that’s very much her style. Get to their joint rhythm here.

FREE MP3 DL: NatStar’s “The ReUp1 (Spring Edition)”

No interludes, no dramatic intros, NatStar gets into his new EP in less than 10 seconds and goes in for the kill, metaphorically, lyrically, and whatever you choose to define as “otherwise”. The EP is called The ReUp1, 6-songs of some very fine hip-hop for those who love their music with the kind of edge that the mainstream has stored into the classic bin. For some, “classic status” can mean “dated status” but NatStar wants to show you how lively this style of hip-hop… no, maybe “this style” is the wrong way of saying it. He shows how lively hip-hop in itself can be, and is.

AUDIO: NatStar’s “Flu Season”

 photo NatStar_cover_zps1811ca6a.jpg
The song sounds like a spring or mid-summer vibe yet its lyrics might refer to something in the dead of winter. The press releases only said “listen and download” with no other information on it. I like the song, NatStar hits hard, and… that’s it.

I can say that NatStar is from North Carolina and that if you’re impressed by this and want to hear what else he has to offer, head to his Soundcloud page for more. Flu Season by NatStar