REVIEW: Jim Of Seattle’s “Both The Planet Frank And The Chet Lambert Show”

The last time I heard from Jim Of Seattle, I compared them to the likes of Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren, and Prince for their diversity and eclectic side. Eclecticness is still present on Both The Planet Frank And The Chet Lambert Show (Green Monkey) but now they’re getting in contact with Devo and Frank Zappa, the former quite present when they do a cover of “Whip It” but they also get into Jimmy Webb’s realm with a nice rendition of “Wichita Lineman”.

The album is divided in two halves, the eclectic side working as a radio show (The Elders Live From The Planet Frank) and a far more trippy side on the “other” (The Chet Lambert Show), both not coinciding with one another and yet somehow the differences fit perfectly. It plays along well with The Turtles Meet The Battle Of The Bands but they are (ahem) playing with themselves for an order to dominate their practice sheds. In other words, Jim Of Seattle are doing very well stuck in their own world and they’re more than happy to welcome others in for fun and musical joy.

AUDIO: Wovenhand’s “The Hired Hand”

While Sargent House will be releasing a new album on September 9th called Star Treatment, it is the legendary Glitterhouse label that will be promoting it in Europe. But you’ll want to know “who is doing this Star Treatment album?” and that’s the part of the post where I say “they’re a band called Wovenhand. Have a listen to a song that has a rich taste of the early 80’s, if not mid-80’s, with “The Hired Hand”.

VIDEO: Wyatt Blair’s “Dancing On A Dream”

Point Of No Return? We’re not talking about a song by Nu Shooz or Expose but we are talking about theh forthcoming album by Wyatt Blair, who will be releasing it on August 5th through Lolipop/Burger and here, I’d like to present to you a video made for it, please watch and listen to the VHS-friendly “Dancing On A Dream”, it’s just a dream. If it looks and sounds like a basic cable classic, it’s on purpose. The album is available to pre-order below via Also below are dates for his west coast tour that he will start this Wednesday: CATCH IT!

July 27… Costa Mesa, CA (The Wayfarer)
August 5… Palm Springs, CA (Ace Hotel – Burger Oasis)
August 6… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell Fundraiser)
August 7… Long Beach, CA (Alex’s Bar)
August 8… Sacramento, CA (El Castillo)
August 9… San Francisco, CA (The Chapel)
August 10… Eugene, OR (Wow Hall)
August 11… Portland, OR (Dantes)
August 12… Seattle, WA (Lucky Liquor)
August 21… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo – Echo Park Rising)
September 14… Los Angeles, CA (The Hi Hat)

AUDIO: Preoccupations’ “Degraded”

Not even ten seconds into this and I’m already looking forward to hearing the debut album from Preoccupations, whjch has a nice aggressive pop rock vibe while showing hits from the alterna- 80’s and 90’s as if its strength has continued or never ended. This is called “Degraded”. Preoccupations’ self-titled album will be released on September 16th through Jagjaguwar Records and can be pre-ordered below via

REVIEW: The Blessed Isles’ “Straining Hard Against The Strength Of Night”

 photo BlessedIsles_coverSML_zpsgys3cwow.jpg If you still enjoy getting lost in the dreamy soundscapes created by Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark (OMD), you will find the dreams of The Blessed Isles to be your reality. “Straining Hard Against The Strength Of Night (Saint Marie) is a title consisting of nine syllables, which is two more than the pop music norm but these guys do not want to be anyone’s norm. No sir or madam, they simply make enchanting pop music that is engaging and easily addictive if you allow it to be, from the gentle guitar work of Aaron Closson and Nolan Thies to the keyboards they play together to create something that has a nice and unifided vibe that lets you know there are in this for the long haul. While I could hear a song like “Confession” be remixed for a new musical territory, I enjoy hearing it and other tracks on the album as is. This is a durable one.

REVIEW: Deardarkhead’s “Strange Weather” (EP)

Deardarkhead photo Deardarkhead_cover_zpsihvrofo3.jpg Not sure if this is what I should be hearing but Deardarkhead (“dear dark head”) sound like they are firmly immersed in their new wave influences, or at least they either grew up listening to a lot of 80’s music and are taking in some of the best elements before examiming, destroying, and re-forming it into something that will develop into their own sound. That’s what I hear on their new 6-song EP Strange Weather (Saint Marie) and what I love is how their songs carry me from start to finish without ever wanting to go do something else or make me wnat to stop listening. Not bad for a group who are vocal-less but do it in a way to where it doesn’t matter, their music carries you through during the duration. I’m curious to see how others will react to this and what places they’ll head to in the next few years.

(Strange Weather will be released on March 26th. You can pre-order it in a number of different formats directly from Saint Marie Records.)

VIDEO: The Sloths’ “One Way Out”

There are many artists who have written and released songs with the statement that there is “no way out” by The Sloths want to tell you there is “One Way Out” if you pay attention. The song is from their album released last March called Back from The Grave (Lollipop/Burger), available via by clicking the cover below.

AUDIO: The Police’s “Roxanne (DJ Platurn Edit)”

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of The Police, and have been for a long time. I was lucky to have seen them during the Synchronicity tour in Honolulu at the Aloha Stadium in February 1984 at what would be their last American show before they split up. The group would return later on but I was able to see them at their most successful period and as they were falling apart from one another.

While “Message In A Bottle” was the first Police song I heard and enjoyed, the power of “Roxanne” was strong and it not only became one of the band’s staples in live shows, but Eddie Murphy used it for a joke during one of the scenes in his first film, 48 Hours.

While they had released a few other singles before “Roxanne”, it was the song that caught the attention of many people, including American audiences. 37 years after its release, DJ Platurn handles the song with a new edit, ready for you to check out, with or without a red light on.

RECORD CRACK: Mobile Clones 7 inch EP from 1980 to be reissued as a 10 inch with bonus tracks

Mobile Clones photo MobileClones_covers_zps0vedwomq.jpg
Mobile Clones released an EP in 1980 that has gained a small but devoted following from those who came to discover it in different ways. 35 years later, the EP from the Vancover-based group will be nicely reissued. Abrasive Air will be released as a 10″ EP, an expansion from the record’s original 7″ format, and that will mean much better sound quality with the remastered sound. On top of that, the EP will feature two songs from the sessions that were not released until now.

The record can be ordered and will be available in two color variations:

  • black vinyl
  • clear vinyl