SOME STUFFS: Dumhi releases a new album for 2014
Brand new from the Dumhi empire is a new album nicely titled Loosies vā€‹.ā€‹3: Soft Pretzel Power Ballads, the third volume in the Loosies theme of projects and the follow up to this year’s volume two. This album features contributions from Reef The Lost Cauze, Biz Mighty, Meech, Burke The Jurke, Scanz, Nico The Beast, Rich Quick, and others, all compiled by Raj/Haj. The cassette pressing of Loosies v.3 recently sold out so you’ll have to dig around online to find out who may still have copies.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Dumhi’s “The Scene (You Don’t Know)”

The Dumhi movement continues with a brand new single featuring two tracks for your listening pleasures. “The Scene (You Don’t Know” has Haj scooping up Random (a/k/a Megaran), Open Mike Eagle, Burke The Jurke, and Doodlebug (a/k/a Cee Knowledge) of Digable Planets.

It could easily end there but no, you also have “Sacred Papercuts” where Rich Quick, Nico The Beast, and Scanz each add something to the stew. Grab a spoon and have a taste. Can’t? No excuses, it’s free for the time being.