AUDIO: Killed In Public’s “Vistas Of Hate”
If your favorite style of metal leans towards the extreme, you’ll want to check out a Swedish band who call themselves Killed In Public. Vistas Of Hate is their new EP that is out on cassette but also available digitally. It’s a bit of sludge and doom mixed in with occasional bursts of punk and equally hectic brutality. It has the quality of a demo tape but just as powerful as a project with a bigger budget. Only 40 cassettes of this EP has been made, snag one while you can.

SOME STUFFS: sunn((ra)) to release 23 copies of his new cassette

 photo sunnra_cover_zpse1b6867c.jpg
sunn((ra)) is in no way related to the late jazz musician and martian Sun Ra, but is the creation of Thorsten Meer, who has done work as Doomra, Radilla, Rakghoul, Acid Ra Travelers, and simply RA. sunn((ra)) is more experimental in nature, and the new 2-track EP (Live Up North) also features a unique cover of Death In June’s “Heilige Tod”, which is almost a non-cover. When you listen to it, you’ll understand.

Only 23 copies of Live Up North is being made, which you can purchase below through Bandcamp. The EP is available digitally for the price of “free”.

VIDEO: Locrian’s “A Visitation From The Wrath Of Heaven”

Slightly eerie, slightly exotic, but overall heavy. Locrian’s Return To Annihilation (Relapse) has been blowing away everyone who has listened to it, and now they’re taking things to another level with the video for “A Visitation From The Wrath Of Heaven”, directed by J.P Bradburn. This one may lead to nightmares or perhaps the most beautiful dreams. Let your mind wander.

RECORD CRACK: Rectal Hygenics release “Cold Meat” 7″

 photo RectalHygenics_cover_zps334d098a.jpg
“Cold Meat” and “Hoard Of Violence” are two Rectal Hygenics tracks released digitally in September, but now you’re able to pick a physical copy up in the form of a 7″ single on the Diseased Audio label. Order a copy or two by clicking here.

VIDEO: Locrian’s “Two Moons”

Return To Annihilation (Relapse) may be something we are all trying to go for even though we’re in denial of the end, or maybe we’re just trying to turn away from it. Locrian talk about this on their new album and they pull out a grinding track from that album and turn it into a video. Watch “Two Moons” and see how far you’ll get from here to there and back.

VIDEO: Locrian’s “Panorama of Mirrors”

After almost two-and-a-half minutes of a constant drone and guitars starting up, the first sense of drums finally is heard and the pain becomes ecstasy, or maybe it’s ecstasy becomes pain. Or a mixture of both. It’s Locrian and a track from their Relapse Records’ album Return To Annihilation, released this past June. Like their music, the video for “Panorama Of Mirrors” may seem to go nowhere but keep your eyes on what’s going on, or what’s not going on. Then things will make a turn.

In truth, the video is abstract in nature and may not fit in with the music itself, but the music doesn’t really fit in with anything else. Simply use the video as a promotional means to get you in touch with the music, and try to separate things a bit. Regardless, it works in an odd way and that’s what counts.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Botanist’s “IV: Mandragora”

Botanist photo Botanist_cover_zpse9ba4ebc.jpg The first thing that made me want to hear this was the illustration of a living and breathing being coming out of a plant. What would I be getting myself into if I listened? Botanist is a one-man band operation from San Francisco, and the concept of the album was so interesting, it convinced me to take a serious listen:

Combining lyrical creativity and musical ingenuity, IV: Mandragora is a concept record on the alchemical creation of a mandrake, and how The Botanist is instructed on raising an army of mandrakes to wipe out humanity. The songs of Botanist are told from the perspective of The Botanist, a crazed man of science who lives in self-imposed exile, as far away from Humanity and its crimes against Nature as possible. In his sanctuary of fantasy and wonder, which he calls the Verdant Realm, he surrounds himself with plants and flowers, finding solace in the company of the Natural world, and envisioning the destruction of man. There, seated upon his throne of Veltheimia, The Botanist awaits the day when humans will either die or kill each other off, which will allow plants to make the Earth green once again.

If anything, this takes Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through The Secret Life Of Planets to a muck darker and sinister level, twisting the concept of what plants are or perhaps a look into what they were before they were used and abused by humans. It’s quite unique, and the fact that it is a concept album, a metal one at that, is even more interesting. There are moments of the production where the sound quality seems a bit thin, but it’s nothing that a bit of EQ can’t fix.

IV: Mandragora was released by The Flenser.

REVIEW: Rectal Hygienics’ “Even The Flies Won’t Touch You”

Rectal Hygienics When you form a band and you end up choosing Rectal Hygienics as your moniker, it’s safe to say you’re not going to do any love songs. Even The Flies Won’t Touch You is a 7-track album that will get into the nerves of most listeners, as this isn’t easy to listen to. For everyone else, imagine Venom if they were influenced by Buzzov•en and Eyehategod. Now imagine them getting even more ruthless. The lyrics are as demented and twisted as anything you’ve ever heard, and yet if you take away the heaviness of it all, some of it comes off quite humorous in its own way, perhaps unintentionally. Either that, or these guys don’t mind trying to be funny in the name of sounding ultra violent. If this is music meant to represent the filth of the world and the filthy, it’s a perfect soundtrack.

(Even The Flies Won’t Touch You is available on cassette from Depravity. Digital fiends can check it out by clicking their Bandcamp page.)