SOME STUFFS: Split tape between Piss Junkie and Eating Scabs For Protein

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It has been described as “crushing Harsh Noise vs. Filthy Noisecore” so if you’re going to get it, make sure you get it good. It’s a new split cassette by Piss Junkie and Eating Scabs For Protein, released by the Portland, Oregon label GCP Tapes and Noise. The cassette is only #4 US so get one for yourself and perhaps another for family and friends, only 50 copies have been made. You may order by clicking here.

RECORD CRACK: Bastard Noise, CSMD to release split LP

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A new split album between CSMD and Bastard Noise will make itself known to the world. The album is being released by the German record label Streaks. CSMD’s album is called Noise Bomb The Cosmos while Bastard Noise has created Man’s Epitaph. The Bastard Noise side is said to be one massive track full of “electronix violence” while CSMD’s side will be a nice blend of grindnoise, noisecore, space drones, and the sort of randomess they’ve become known for.

500 copies of this record have been made, with 100 copies created on white vinyl. For prices and postage information, e-mail info [at] streaksrecords [dot] de. Netherlands residents will be able to order a copy from No Fucking Labels very soon.

RECORD CRACK: Metal and noise combine for split 7″

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If you like your records to be sonically and musicall warped, you’ll want to invest in this split 7″. On one side are Funerary Box, giving up their death metal for the hell of being evil and dark. Their contribution to the record is called “Fuck The Moon”. Flip the record over and you have some noise from Crowd Surfers Must Die (C.S.M.D.), whose “Bastial Invaders” is as insane as it reads. Only 300 copies are being pressed and once they’re gone, say goodbye to it. You may listen to Funerary Box’s “Fuck The World” below via Bandcamp. The 7″ is available from both Backwoods Butcher Records and Rescued From Life Records.

SOME STUFFS: Erectile Dementia show a different side of Kentucky with new demo release

 photo ErectileDementia_cover_zps404d895f.jpg The choice is yours: are you willing to know about a new demo tape by a band who call themselves Erectile Dementia? How could you not want to listen?

Recorded early last year, their 58 Song Demo features not three, not ten, not 18, but yes, 58 songs, all of them performed in 24 minutes. It features such deep and emotional tracks as “I Still Wanna Fuck Phoebe Cates”, “Stairway To Finland”, “Yoko Ono Never Die”, “Outraged Voices Of Inconvenienced Caucasians”, “Haunted By The Ghost Of Duk Koo Kim”, and the possibly-heartbreaking “Obnoxious Whore In An Obscure Band Shirt”. To get a preview of what this demo is about, you may sample one of the songs, “No Legacy To Leave”. You can purchase the demo directly from Backwoods Butcher Records in Kentucky.

Erectile Dementia have also done a split 7″ with C​.​S​.​M​.​D. and a compilation called “The Mongoloid Handjob” Tape.

SOME STUFFS: Solid noise on a CD3 from High Five & The Nikkei Six

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Love your noise from Japan? Then you’re going to love a new release by High Five & The Nikkei Six, an EP released as a CD3 (3 inch/8 cm CD) called I’m In Noisecore which is being promoted as featuring their greatest hits. Maybe these tracks were the true songs of the summer, but that’s for you to decide. Contact noisekoor [at] gmail [dot] com for ordering information.

REVIEW: Dismembered Cattle Fireworks’ “All God’s Children Are Terrible”

 photo Dismembered_cover_zps01528507.jpg All God’s Children Are Terrible (Neural Discord Recordings/Grindcore Karaoke) is an insane 40-track album by Dismembered Cattle Fireworks, which has the power of being a one-man band but they are credited as being a trio. The album runs just under 15.5 minutes, and with 40 songs featured, it’s a rough and rugged ride from start to finish. With the MP3’s, you don’t have the courtesy of having a gap of silence as a compact disc would. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll discover that you listened to about 12 tracks in under three minutes. The song titles range from the hilarious to the disgusting, with highlights such as “I use to pick up Catholic Priests”, “Crashing propane trucks into rehab centers”, “I was going to burn down a church (but then I got high)”, and “School shootings as population control for White America”. It’s difficult to say if the actual songs touch on these topics or if they are headbanging super-grunts, or if the titles are mentioned anywhere in the songs. Obviously, the titles are done for shock value and part of the humor (tasteless or not) is reading them for the first song and saying “well, I really like “School buses don’t have seatbelts (and that’s OK)”, I’m going to listen to it a few more times.

Musically, there seems to be a few movements going on. Sometimes there are some awesome guitar work, other times it’s just screaming over super fast beats, either created with a drum machine or real drums, or perhaps neither. For the first 30 songs, there are brief intermissions (each one called a different “CULL”) that seem to let the listener know that a new phase is about to begin. Then for the last 10 songs, there are a few more intermissions, as cues. You can choose to listen to all of the songs before it as a “cull” or however you want. I would recommend playing each track one by one, and then listening to it as a whole in one sitting. Longest track here is 1:37, and the shortest is a second, and there are two 1-second songs for your listening enjoyment. Where do Dismembered Cattle Fireworks plan on taking their music the next time around, into the ground or into three mounds, it’s anyone’s guess.

(The entire can be purchased from Bandcamp for $1. The cassette version goes for $3 and may be bought directly from Naural Discord’s online store.)

RECORD CRACK: Fetus Eaters’ “Manticore” now available on vinyl

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Released digitally as well as on cassette, Los Angeles’ Fetus Eaters have taken their evil Manticore album and pressed it up on vinyl. Released last fall, this 28-song album is the definition of metallic mayhem, where one doesn’t know what to expect from song to song. The album will only cost $10ppd within the United States. For more information, send e-mail to TASTETHEBURN@YAHOO.COM.