AUDIO: Five Steez featuring Sosa & Nomad Carlos’ “Gods Collide”

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Produced by Mordecai is a new one by Five Steez called “Gods Collide”. This one also features Nomad Carlos and Sosa and together they create heat hotter than most areas of the northern hemisphere right now. The song is from Five Steez’s HeatRockz EP, find this immediately.

FREE DL: Nomad Carlos’ “You’re Most Welcome” (EP)

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It may have been the start of ones last jam but for Kingston, Jamaica’s Nomad Carlos, he is back with a brand new EP, and it seems (almost) as if he keeps track of my Twitter account and how I sometimes offer acknowledgement to those who are thankful for a review of post of their work. They will often say thank you and like me, Carlos says You’re Most Welcome. His new 5-song EP also features help from K. John and Sosa, and you can stream it via Soundcloud or Bandcamp, then download it in the digital formats available through Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Five Steez featuring Nomad Carlos’ “Wanna Be Free”

Five Steez – Wanna Be Free f/ Nomad Carlos (Official Music Video) from Five Steez on Vimeo.

The song may have been released last year, but the power of good music will never hold back ones motivation to create videos, as Five Steez has done with “Wanna Be Free”. The song, from his debut album War For Peace, also features Nomad Carlos, and it’s a nice dose that is worthy of watching and listening to.

VIDEO: Nomad Carlos featuring Five Steez’s “Aww Snap!”

You might know my steez or I might know yours, but do you know Five Steez? He has accompanied Nomad Carlos in his new track called “Aww Snap!” and while titles can sometimes overshadow the actual song, it’s not the case here. It’s an appropriate title for a song that’s about the “boom bap, no bongo” and while I do love bongos and congas, this song doesn’t need either of them. The song was produced by The Patents, and can be found on Carlos’ Me Against The Grain album, my review of which can be found by clicking here.

REVIEW: Nomad Carlos’ “Me Against The Grain”

Nomad Carlos Nomad Carlos is an MC from Kingston, Jamaica who has taken the finer aspects of hip-hop and has turned it into a formula that he will be comfortable in perfecting, as he shows in Me Against The Grain. Most of it is on an East Coast vibe, so beats are hot and hard, while the synthesizers and keyboards are delicately done without it overwhelming the tracks. Nomad talk about things with a passion note only for the topic at hand, but with the way he expresses himself through wordplay, and it’s nice to hear that because to me, that’s what rap music is all about: the rap. He only displays a Jamaican patois in between verses, but his stories are rooted in where he’s from and his surroundings.

But bottom line, Me Against The Grain is a hip-hop album rooted in hip-hop. The music can go in many different directions, for better or worse, but this is Nomad Carlos, a rapper who continues with the traditions that were passed along through song. Pay attention to this cat.

VIDEO: Nomad Carlos’ “As Real As It Gets”

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The roots of hip-hop can be sourced somewhere in the Bronx, but before that, Kool DJ Herc had come into the United States from Jamaica. A love of American funk, soul, rock and anything else that moved and groove, be it obscure or a massive hit, is what was played in the sound systems and block parties, and the rest is history. From Kingston, Jamaica comes Nomad Carlos, who shows a side of the island nation that most haven’t heard: its own hip-hop. “As Real As It Gets” is an apt title, and the track is from a forthcoming project called Me Against The Grain.