FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Nostalgia 77’s “Golden Morning” (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix)

You may be a fan of Nostalgia 77, but how about one of their songs remixed by Mark de Clive-Lowe? It’s not too good to be true, it’s a reality, and you can download the song for free right now.

VIDEO: Nostalgia 77 featuring Josa Peit’s “Simmerdown (acoustic)”

You may have seen and heard the full “Simmerdown” by Nostalgia 77 when it was posted here on three months ago, but now here it is, stripped down to its essence. If the visuals look familiar, it comes from the same session that resulted in this video.

VIDEO: Nostalgia 77 featuring Josa Peit’s “Cherry (acoustic)”

If you like your electronic music to not sound like electronic music, in fact to where it’s folk, check out this acoustic performance from Nostalgia 77 and his song “Cherry”, featuring German vocalist Josa Peit.

VIDEO: Nostalgia 77 featuring Josa Peit’s “Simmerdown”

Josa Peit is the lady singing in the first single from the new Nostalgia 77 album, The Sleepwalking Society. The song is called “Simmerdown”, a nice laid back, soulful jazzy song that is perfect as the weather in the Northern Hemisphere changes, or at least as the winter months finally come to a close.

VIDEO: Nostalgia 77 explores “The Sleepwalking Society”

It has been awhile since Nostalgia 77 released a full length album, but he is back with what he calls The Sleepwalking Society, to be released by the cool people at Tru Thoughts.

I hate what is called a “music video trailer”, which is a trailer for a music video. People, your music video IS a trailer for your music. This is NOT a music video trailer, but is a proper promotional video where Nostalgia 77 speaks about the new music at his home away from home, the recording studio.

The Sleepwalking Society will be released on March 22nd.