FREE MP3 DL: Mortar & Pestle’s “U.V.”

Mortar & Pestle photo MortarPestle_old_zps0fc18a7c.jpg
From Oakland comes a pop trio who may sound like a duo upon reading their name: Mortar & Pestle. None of the members in the group are named Mortar or Pestle, but in fact are named (from left to right) Sean Paul Duke, Janaysa Lambert and Paul Shinichi. The group have a debut album on Post Primal due out on May 7th, but they are sharing the first single from it. A video is on the way but for now, you get the audio that you may download for a limited time.

The group have a small handful of shows around the time of the album’s release:
May 10… Oakland, CA (The Uptown Record Release Show
May 12… Portland, OR (The Lovecraft) *
May 15… Seattle, WA (The Redezvous/Jewelbox Theatre) *

* w/ Not from Brooklyn