FREE MP3 DL: Blu & Nottz featuring Rashad’s “End Of The World”

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The nuggets of sound continue with the Blu and Nottz collaboration, and this time they have brought Rashad into the belly fold. The song will appear on their forthcoming EP Gods In The Spirit, due out on October 22nd via Coalmine Records. The EP is available for pre-order through iTunes.

FREE MP3 DL: Pusha T’s “My Crown Weighs A Ton” (mixed by DJ Pizzo)

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Pusha T this, Pusha T that, all anyone wants to talk about Pusha T.

Is that the conversation you’ve come across on a regular basis? There are good reasons, and one of them is that Pusha T is this, that, and more importantly: good. My Crown Weighs A Ton is a nice 71 minute mix put together by DJ Pizzo, featuring 29 tracks. Listing? You got it:
1. Kanye West Intro
2. I’m A Boss (Freestyle)
3. Infatuated
4. She Bad Bad (Remix) (w/ Eve)
5. We Right Here – (w/ Kid Named Breezy)
6. Shame The Devil (w/ No Malice)
7. Your Favorite Rapper (w/ Alley Boy)
8. They Do Drugs (w/ Juicy J)
9. Machine Gun (w/ Chase & Status)
10. What Happened To That Boy (Thugli Edit Interlude)
11. I Don’t Like (Aylen & Dotcom Remix) (w/ Chief Keef)
12. Mercy (RL Game & Salva Remix)
13. Tadow (w/ French Montana, 2 Chainz, N.O.R.E.)
14. Fettuccine (w/ Future)
15. Tony Montana (Freestyle)
16. In This Ho (Lambo) (w/ Swizz Beatz)
17. 100 (w/ Bangladesh, 2 Chainz, Jadakiss)
18. Mad Fo (w/ Ludacris)
19. Exodus 23:1
20. Clouds (w/ Rick Ross, Miguel, Curren$y)
21. Tick Tock (w/ Raekwon, Joell Ortiz, Danny Brown)
22. Peso (Freestyle)
23. Don’t Fuck With Me
24. Sweet (Freestyle)
25. You Need This Music (w/ Nottz & Dwele)
26. Concrete Jungle (w/ Troy Ave)
27. Vortex (w/ Kid Cudi, King Chip)
28. Mobster Dinner (w/ Mayalino)
29. Pies

It is a free download, while supplies last.

VIDEO: DMP’s “Durte Palms”

When you rhyme “confetti” with “spaghetti”, I’m already sold. When you talk about how your Magic Johnson will turn ladies into Lakers fans…

If you can’t tell by now, this is one of those songs (produced by Nottz) that has a lot of “quotables”, and the group responsible for that is DMP, who is about to release the Early Street mixtape in which this song is a part of. As for the cool looking video: iPhone. Embrace the MC’s that are Khizman, Starboy, Top Gee, Ivory Keyes, Big Shot, and Boogie, and see what they stir up the next time around.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Latoiya Williams’ “This Love Is Sweet”

To say that fans have been waiting for new music from LaToiya Williams is putting it lightly. She has been under the radar for the last few years, slowly organizing and gathering, eventually evolving into something that will be worthy of people’s attention. This is that time. When word surfaced in the last week that Williams did indeed have new music, it seemed people on social media couldn’t wait for her new arrival. Here it is in the form of “This Love Is Sweet”, which is being called “the first leak” from her EP Kup Cak’n but leak is the wrong word when an artist gives approval of music. A leak is when something is stolen without their permission, and would protest if this was an actual leak. People are throwing around the word “leak” like a bit of sloganeering like the word “remix” about 10 years ago. Diddy didn’t invent the remix, and a leak is not an artist-approved project.

With that said, enjoy LaToiya Williams’ “un-leak”.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Shateish’s “I’m Leavin'”

The first scene in this video made me wonder if Shateish caught someone doing something naughty, but this was not the case. What is the case? With a title like “I’m Leavin'”, there are a few possibilities but… you’ll have to see and hear what she has to say about it. BTW – there are no naughty scenes in this video.

What you will hear is a singer who does it soulfully with a bit of that bluesy grit that a lot of singers today lack, or if they have it, it sounds forced. It is not forced here, and I’d love to hear if Shateish will take things further in 2012. I hope she does.

BTW – the track was produced by Nottz.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth & Nottz featuring David-Andrew “D.A.” Wallach of Chester French’s “Gotta Get Up”


New music from the duo of Asher Roth & Nottz from their forthcoming EP due out on December 27th, and it’s the Rawth EP EP. See, if you use EP in the title and it’s an EP, it’s the Rawth EP EP. Now, they call this a leak but a leak is when something is accidentally passed out without permission. This song is being passed to you WITH permission, so it’s a regular MP3 download, a taste of the Rawth EP EP. Song is called “Gotta Get Up“, and you do.

VIDEO: Nottz featuring Asher Roth & Colin Munroe’s “Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)”

Three weeks ago, the MP3 for “Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)” was made available (you can download it by going . Now, a music video for this audio presentation has been created. Listen, watch, enjoy. The song will appear on Nottz’s new album, You Need This Music, which will be released on vinyl, CD, and MP3 form next week. You can order your copy through the links below.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Nottz featuring Asher Roth & Colin Munroe’s “Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)”

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Personally, I could care less about a potential duet between Drake and Trey Songz but I’m down with hearing Asher Roth & Colin Munroe combining their talents with Nottz for this track. As the photo indicates, it sounds like two guys kicking it at the park, shooting the shit and simply offering a nice song without complications. I wish Asher, Colin, and Nottz were my neighbors. Hi, neighbors.

A video has been made for the song (as shown here), so when it surfaces, it will be posted.

Dontcha Wanna Be My Neighbor” (5.65mb)