SOME STUFFS: Destruction Unit to spend the rest of the year touring, in support of 5th album

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Deep Trip (Sacred Bones), right? I mean, Arizona, that’s the state where people are. Destruction Unit, who are not related to New Jersey’s Flavor Unit, are a group. August 20th is when that Deep Trip will start and everyone will be moving around their hands as if they’re spinning the magic ball at a rave.

Okay, maybe not, but Destruction Unit are indeed a band from Arizona and Deep Trip is a forthcoming album that will be ready for release on August 20th. Their brand of music is rich with the psychedelic and folk wonders of the mid to late 60’s, back when people would head to clubs or basements, open up a lava lamp, pour it over themselves and get off on the trippy vibes. It has that victorious sound that will please fans of early Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and 13th Floor Elevators, with a bit of Sonic Youth thrown in for extra texture. A song called “Bumpy Road” may represent the road that they’re about to embrace beginning in a few weeks, and leading them close to the end of the year. They’ll be touring in both North America and Europe, so have a preview of Deep Trip below and then save a place for yourself (and maybe a friend or two) at the Destruction Unit show to come.

August 23… San Diego, CA (VOID)
August 24… Los Angeles, CA (Complex)
August 25… Bakersfield, CA (Munoz Gym)
August 26… San Francisco, CA (The Hemlock)
August 28… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios)
August 29… Seattle, WA (Barboza)
August 30… Olympia, WA (Dumpster Values)
August 31… Vancouver, BC (Sun Fest Vancouver) $
September 1… Boise, ID (The Crux)
September 3… Denver, CO (7th Street Arts Collective)
September 4… Omaha, NE (Middle House)
September 5… Chicago, IL (TBA)
September 7… Detroit, MI (Trinosophes) %
September 8… Toronto, ON (The Drake Hotel)
September 9… Montreal, QC (Il Motore)
September 11… New York, NY (Mercury Lounge) +
September 12… Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Necktie) +
September 14… Washington DC (Rock N Roll Hotel) +
September 15… Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery) +
September 17… Charlotte, NC (The Milestone) +&
September 18… Athens, GA (Caledonia) +
September 19… Atlanta, GA (529) +#
September 22… Houston, TX (Mangos) +
September 24… Denton, TX (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios) +
September 25… Memphis, TN (Gonerfest 10)

October 9… Berlin, Germany (West Germany)
October 11… Stockholm, Sweden (Southside)
October 12… Goteborg, Sweden (Koloni)
October 14… Copenhagen, Denmark (Stengade)
October 15… Hamburg, Germany (Hafenklang)
October 16… Hannover, Germany (Sturmglocke)
October 17… Uthrect, Holland (DB’s)
October 18… Harlem, Holland (Patronaat)
October 19… Antwerp, Belgium (Kavka)
October 20… Kortrijk, Belgium (The Pit’s)
October 21… Liege, Belgium (Carlo Levi)
October 22… Paris, France (Point FMR)
October 23… London, UK (Old Blue Last)
October 24… Newcastle, UK (The Tyne Bar)
October 25… Sheffield, UK (The Washington)
October 26… Brighton, UK (Prince Albert)
October 27… France (TBA)
October 28… Bordeaux (TBA)
October 29… Barcelona, Spain (Lupita del Raval)
October 30… Madrid, Spain (Wurlitzer Ballroom)
October 31… Libson, Portugal (ZDB)
November 1… Guimaraes, Portugal (CAAA)
November 2… Bermeo, Spain (Beleza Malandra Ateneo Kulturala)
November 3… Vitoria, Spain (Ibu Host)
November 4… Tolouse, France (Les Saint Des Seins)
November 5… Lyon, France (TBA)
November 6… Torino, Italy (United Club)
November 7… Roma, Italy (Dal Verme)
November 8… Milano, Italy (Cox 18)
November 9… Luzern, Switzerland (Sudpol)
November 10… Verona, Italy (White Rabbit)
November 11… Lubiana, Slovenia (TBA)
November 12… Wien, Austria (Arena)
November 13… Konstanz, Germany (Horst)
November 14… Karlsruhe, Germany (Alte Hackerei)
November 15… Leipzig, Germany (Ut Connewiz)
November 16… Berlin, Germany (Auster Club)

$ w/ Nu Sensae
% w/ Human Eye
+ w/ Ukiah Drag
& w/ Pharmakon
# w/ Pop 1280

Vinyl and CD pressings of Deep Trip may be pre-ordered from Sacred Bones Records.

SOME STUFFS: Destruction Unit plan on living up to their name with new recording

 photo DestructionU_old_zpse2bd3ae4.jpg
It is great when the description of a band carries a “no bullshit” attitude. Take Arizona’s Destruction Unit as an example. Their bio states that they play what? “Loud rock music”. For me, I don’t want to know any more. I’m sold on that alone.

But in order to make others care, I have to add more to that, to pad it out so that it may hook readers into wanting to know more. “Sonic Youth” is a track/video that represents a piece of their forthcoming album, “Deep Trip” (Sacred Bones). This is the cover for Deep Trip.
 photo DestructionUDT_cover_zpse26bccc8.jpg

This is the video for “Sonic Pearl”>

The song will be released as a single on the Suicide Squeeze label on July 16th, backed with “Nightfall”. The 2-song single even has a title of its own: Two Strong Hits.

These are concert dates for Destruction Unit, where they are sure to destruction whatever is laid in their hands. See them, and bring earplugs:

June 14… Taylor, PA (Underwood Skatepark) $
June 15… Brooklyn, NY (285 Kent) *
June 16… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) ^
June 17… Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda’s) *
June 18… Washington, DC (DC9) *
June 19… Richmond, VA (Strange Matter) *
June 20… Charlotte, NC (The Milestone) *
June 21… Atlanta, GA (529 Club) *
June 22… Gainesville, FL (The Atlantic) *
June 23… Miami, FL (Churchill’s) *
June 24… Tallahassee, FL (Office Lounge Gallery) %
June 25… Memphis, TN (Hi Tone) %
June 26… New Orleans, LA (Siberia) %
June 27… Houston, TX (Mangos) %
June 28… Mcallen, TX (Thirsty Monkey) %
June 29… Austin, TX (Beerland) %
July 1… El Paso, TX (Lowbrow Palace) %
July 5 Los Angeles, CA (The Echo @

& with Vaginors (Aus)
$ with Title Fight
^ with Nu Sensae
* with Merchandise, Milk Music
% with Milk Music
@ with The Oblivians, Milk Music

RECORD CRACK: Audacity to take part in Suicide Squeeze single series

Audacity photo Audacity_old_zps2c42ed9d.jpg
There is a phrase that goes something like “I can’t believe you have the audacity…”, which generally will lead to an argument on how pompous someone is. Maybe the Audacity are indeed pompous, or maybe they save those types of emotions for their music but as of now, this quartet from Fullerton, California are ready to release a new single in April. This one will be a part of Suicide Squeeze Records‘ Singles Club, and it will be published on April 2nd. Here’s a look at the picture sleeve, and a player for you to listen to its A-side:

Audacity photo Audacity_PS_zpse54c80d7.jpg

Audacity will beading to SXSW this month, so jump on the bandwagon early:

March 7… Los Angeles CA (The Echo) $
March 8… Phoenix AZ (Sail Inn (Rampage Festival))
March 10… Denton TX (35 Denton Festival)
March 11… McAllen TX (Galax Z Fair II @ Thirsty Monkey)
March 12… Austin TX (SXSW)
March 13… Austin TX (SXSW – SSR Official Showcase @ Holy Mountain 10pm)
March 14… Austin TX (SXSW)
March 15… Austin TX (SSR/Hardly Art Day Party @ North Door 3pm)
March 16… Austin TX (SXSW)
March 17… Austin TX (SXSW)
March 18… El Paso TX (So Sick Fest)
March 20… Tucson AZ (Topaz Tundra) !
March 21… Las Vegas NV (Double Down Saloon) !
March 22… Santa Ana CA (The Observatory) !
March 23… Oakland CA (Sugar Mountain) !
March 24… Reno NV (Debauchareno – Holland Project) !

$ = w/ Nü Sensae, White Lung, Broncho
! = w/ Nü Sensae