SOME STUFFS: Obie Trice collabs with MoSS for new album

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It’s being called a “street album”, which is code for “not the real album”, a pre-cursor to something better, the teaser, the trailer, a “mix tape” that is to hip-hop what the EP was to rock and pop. Regardless, it means the return of Obie Trice with an album called Special Reserve. Here is the confirmed track listing:

1.) Welcome
2.) Got Hungry
3.) You’ve Been Slain
4.) On & On
5.) I Am
6.) 4 Stories
7.) Roughnecks f/Deuce Wonder
8.) Cool Cat
9.) What You Want
10.) Jack My Dick
11.) Dope, Jobs, Homeless (alternate take / Bonus Song)

It will be released on December 15th